4 Safety Applications To Use On Your Travels

Planning a traveling trip is incredibly exciting! You’ll likely have so many ideas about the activities you’d like to try and the sights you want to see. When you’re venturing off to faraway places, it’s important to consider your safety. Before you jet off on your next trip, be sure to download these four applications.

1 . Sitata Travel Safe

The Sitata application monitors the world for safety hazards, whether disease outbreaks, protests, violence, or natural disasters. Sitata Travel Safe provides a safety ranking on every travel location, so you’ll know which are the risky areas and regions. As you travel, you’ll receive notifications of incidents, meaning that you can change your route if necessary. The application has a community of travelers sharing their experiences, so you’ll learn plenty of info to avoid travel scams. Using Sitata, you can log your medical info, health info, and receive recommendations on vaccinations. When you’re packing your travel essentials don’t forget the Sitata Travel Safe app.

2 . bSafe

The bSafe app allows your friends and family to act as a safety support network. The application works by sending a video stream and live audio to your selected contacts. The live stream is activated when you speak your ‘SOS phrase.’ If you feel in danger or threatened, you say the phrase and your contacts receive the live stream, and your location on GPS. Using the info, your contacts can alert the authorities if necessary. To stay safe while travelling, bSafe is an excellent resource.

3. CDC TravWell

CDC TravWell is an application from the Centre for Disease and Control Prevention. With the application, you can receive vaccine information, create a health-based travel list, and record your medications. You can record your travel logs, vaccine boosters and access plenty of info about staying safe while away. More information related to health and travel is available on the CDC website.

4. CloseCircle

CloseCircle is a self-proclaimed ‘virtual bodyguard’ app. The application provides support from security personnel and safety advice. There is an SOS button, location tracking, and plenty of tips. CloseCircle is tracked by security professionals 24/7, so you’ll always get a response when you need it. The application includes an evacuation service which can help you in the event of a terror threat or extreme weather. CloseCircle is offered in a number of reasonably priced plans, offering you peace of mind while you’re on your adventures.

Further advice

It’s best to get as organised as you can before you go travelling. Planning out your routes will prevent you from getting lost, and doing your research will help you to avoid unsafe neighborhoods. Ensure that you are covered by travel insurance and health insurance and that you understand how to make a claim. Unfortunately, accidents cannot always be avoided. If you are the victim of an injury or an accident, there may be signs your accident was caused by negligence. You should certainly seek legal advice if an accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.


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