10 tips to use Evernote to be a better blogger


As a blogger who is also cheap, I’m constantly on the look out for tips, tricks and methods to make the most of my blogging. Today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite blogging tools, Evernote.

In a nutshell, Evernote is a word processing app for smartphones. It works across all platforms; iphone, ipad, android, windows & mac os. So what you record on one device automatically syncs to another. You can record photos, audio, video, doodles, and pretty much anything in between. It’s completely free to use, however there are plans if you need more storage. I don’t sync photos, audio or video, so I have plenty of room.

So how can you utilize Evernote as a blogger?

Here are 10 different ways to use Evernote offers to be a better blogger.

  1. Organize. Create different notebooks to keep track of post ideas, posts in process, archived posts, anecdotes, stories to reference later, post templates, etc.
  2. Collecting. You can use Evernote to store and collect ideas. Create a note of a thought or idea and then flesh it out later on as you research and come across more tidbits of information. This is a great way to create lists to share with your readers.
  3. Keep track of where and when you were. For travel blogging, you can create a post with location information, take notes of what you did and where and then copy your photos right into the post.
  4. Track Tags & Categories. Sometimes when blogging or using social networks, I need to reference what categories I already have or what my favorite hashtags are for a certain type of post. So I have a note with hashtags by categories to better get the message out on social media.
  5. Utilize the web clipper. When doing research or reading blogs in your niche, you can use the web clipper to save posts your like, then write a better one later on.
  6. Automate Evernote. Use IFTTT app to automate Evernote. Automatically clip interesting info and track photos by location and more. Check out my post about my favorite IFTTT recipes here.
  7. Scan ideas. See a thought provoking advertisement or product while out and about? Scan it directly into Evernote. Add notes or draw arrows right on the photo.
  8. Sync with Kindle. If you’re an avid reader, you can sync the apps so that when you highlight a quote in Kindle, it will copy to a notebook on Evernote. Great way to take notes fast!
  9. Create a checklist. Add whatever items you like to it. My blog checklist itemizes everything I need to do for every post. It keeps me on task and optimized. Things like: featured image, SEO, inbound link, outbound link, page break, headers, promote on twitter, fb, etc.
  10. Keep a list. I like to keep a list of leading bloggers and professionals in my niche with each of their social media presences. This way I can quickly see what’s hot both topic wise, but also marketing and branding wise. I glean what I can from others and also engage with them to establish my place in the field as well.


Do you use Evernote? What do you think?

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