Your Doctor Made A Medical Mistake: Here’s What To Do Next

We put our trust in our nation’s doctors, relying on them to diagnose our medical needs, perform surgeries, and to provide the appropriate aftercare.

But what happens when they make a mistake? Their errors can hurt our health rather than benefit it, and in some cases can lead to serious repercussions. We might have to deal with injuries we never had before. We might find ourselves unable to work for long periods. And in extreme cases, we might even lose our lives because of their blunders.

Thankfully, most doctors are highly capable. However, there have been cases where mistakes have been made. These can include:

  • Wrongful diagnosis of an illness
  • Causing an injury during surgery
  • Operating on the wrong part of the body
  • Failure to monitor patients health after surgery

Hopefully, you will never have to endure a medical mistake. We hope the people around you don’t either. But if you or a loved one does suffer because of your doctor’s errors, there are a few things you should do next.

#1: Seek medical help

If your health has suffered because of your doctor, you should seek help straight away.

You should see another doctor if you need a second opinion and proper diagnosis about your health.

And if you have been injured during an operation, you should report it to the hospital and then seek assistance from another medical professional that can treat your injury. There may still be costs involved, but if you’re insured via Medicaid or another provider, these can reduce your expenses.

#2: File a complaint

Don’t be quiet about your doctor’s negligence. If their actions have harmed you in any way, file a complaint with your state’s medical board as disciplinary action may need to take place.

In some cases, the doctor will still be allowed to keep their license after the investigation has taken place. However, if they have repeatedly caused harm to their patients and if they are considered a risk to others, they may lose their jobs as a result of your complaint.

Don’t feel guilty about filing a complaint as justice does need to be served. Your actions might also protect the needs of future patients.

#3: Take legal action

If it can be proved that your doctor was negligent, you will be owed compensation for the suffering you have received. For this reason, you should seek the services of a medical malpractice attorney. They will let you know which situations can be considered medical malpractice (see the previous link for an extensive list), and will fight your case on your behalf.

Financial compensation can be very useful as it will cover the medical costs you have incurred, support you if you are out of work for a long period of time, and will give you the financial ability to pay for further treatments and medications for your health care.


Don’t let this article put you off seeing a doctor. For the sake of your health, you should always seek assistance when you are suffering in any way. However, in the unlikely event that a mistake does happen, you have the right to get further help, be that medical or legal support. Be sure to share this information with others in the event they ever experience the negligence of a doctor.

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