Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Blog

If you’ve always wanted to start a blog but been worried about how to get going, didn’t think you had enough time, weren’t sure what to write about or didn’t think anyone would want to read it, then forget all that and start now – it is a perfect time. As the world has been turned on its head and we are all staying inside more than usual, to stay safe from COVID-19, it’s still important to keep busy at home and blogging is the perfect way to do this. :

It’s Therapeutic

Writing down what’s going on each day and how you’re feeling can be a really therapeutic activity, and even if you decide to write about something completely different other than your feelings, then it is great for escapism. Blogging is wonderful for your mental health.

It’s good to keep a diary of this time

2020 is a year that will go down in history so it would be a really good idea to keep a record of it. Whether it’s for your children or grandchildren or generations in years to come, how good would it be if they could read what you were doing each day and how you were coping with life right now.

Everyone’s story is different

While we are all going through the same pandemic, everyone is experiencing it differently. Some people are at home alone; others are trying to homeschool their kids at the same time as work from home, others are pregnant or have just given birth, some people are stuck in another country. Document your own journey as it will be different from anyone else’s, and it might even help someone else.

You Can Do It Anywhere

You can blog anywhere you like as long as you have your laptop or even your phone with you. So while there’s no cafes or bars open for you to sit and write in, you can enjoy blogging in the garden, or on a park bench.

You Can Do It About Anything

You can blog about absolutely anything, from clothes and fashion to cleaning and cooking, the choices are endless. Or you can simply start blogging about your everyday life and see where it takes you.

You’ll Learn New Skills.

From SEO to web design, you can learn so many useful skills from blogging and even better, so much of the information out there to help you is free. Then if it starts to take off, you could monetise your blog and invest in a mikrotik vps to make sure you can accommodate all your visitors.

You Have The Time

It’s likely that you actually have the time to dedicate to a blog right now. Even if you’re still working, you’ll be going out less so you can dedicate the time and give your blog the attention it needs.

You can make new friends

At a time when it is difficult to get out and meet new people, the blogging community are online and ready to welcome you in. You can meet plenty of new people online through social media and find a great support network to help you with your blog.

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