What Are You Options If You Get Injured At Work?

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Going to work, you expect that you will be safe. After all, any decent office or worksite has a range of safety procedures in place to prevent work injuries and keep everyone comfortable. But, accidents can happen, both on construction sites and in the office. While you might do everything you can to avoid injury, this is not always possible. So, you need to know your options if an injury occurs.

Report To Your Manager

After experiencing an injury, the first thing you need to do is report it to the manager no matter how minor it may seem. Your manager can write a detailed injury report that highlights what happened, who was involved, and the steps that have been taken to solve the problem and provide treatment. This record is vital, so make sure you include as much detail as possible and you can even mention things that may not seem relevant. The more information you have, the stronger your case will be.

Visit a Doctor or Hospital

Getting treatment should also be a priority, although the level of this treatment will depend on the severity of the injury. Your workplace should have a dedicated First Aid officer to administer basic treatment, such as cleaning cuts or treating wounds. But, if the injury is worse than this, you must go to the hospital and see a doctor as quickly as possible. This is more important in construction environments, as heavy machinery could cause significant damage.

Know Your Rights

Workers’ rights are an essential part of the modern world, but employees are often unsure of what they are entitled to. If you suffer an accident at work but aren’t at fault for it, you may be able to claim compensation. Personal injury attorneys such as Belsky, Weinberg & Horowitz, LLC can provide relevant advice to help make a claim. You should also be entitled to time off to heal without feeling pressured to return. Some people are reluctant to bring cases against their place of employment, but you shouldn’t ignore possible compensation out of loyalty or reluctance.

Make Sure You Are Covered

Your company may offer health insurance along with your contract, so it is also worth looking at what you are covered for and what does not fall under at-work accident coverage. While substantial injuries should be covered, you may not be able to claim minor cosmetic injuries such as grazes or small wounds. As you don’t want to make an unsubstantiated claim, it is crucial to know what you are covered for, as this will enable you to make the correct claim and receive what you are owed without missing too much work.

Workplace Safety

Hopefully, you never experience an injury while at the office or on the job site. But it is not always possible to avoid mistakes and accidents, especially if they are not your fault. As long as you know how to react to a workplace injury, you will be able to get the treatment, support, and even compensation you deserve easily.

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