The Curious Ways You Can Make Money From The Internet

There are hundreds of ways you can make cash online. Most of them are pretty straightforward and are basically traditional jobs that you can now do in the comfort of your own home. For instance, there are now lots of home-based content writers and social media managers. More often than not, lots of new moms and people who have been off work for a while due to a long-term health condition choose to take up these jobs. But there are also lots of others who simply want to work for themselves at home as well!

Do those types of jobs sound a little too stuffy and boring to you? Want to earn your cash through some exciting methods? Well, you can do that as well! Here are some really curious ways that some individuals are able to make the equivalent of a full-time wage from.

Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrencies? They are basically online forms of currency. Very sophisticated methods of encryption are used to control and regulate each unit of currency. Does that sound a bit too complicated for you? If so, don’t worry; you don’t really need to understand it fully to make any money from it. You just need to invest in it. As long as you know how to buy and sell the currencies, you can still invest in them. One of the best cryptos to buy right now has to be bitcoin – I’m sure you’ve heard about it too as it has been gaining quite a bit of media attention! There are now lots of online exchanges where you can easily buy bitcoin and then sell it when you want to release its value. You just need to make sure that you have a bitcoin wallet before you buy any. This is a very safe online device that you need to be able to store bitcoin. Most exchanges will offer these as well.

Use A Hair Selling Website

If you don’t have any particularly strong skills or knowledge that you could sell online, such as copywriting, don’t fear. You could always sell yourself! Don’t worry; it’s not quite as dodgy as it sounds. In actual fact, there are now lots of reputable sites that give you the chance to sell your hair online. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you might want to take a look at The Hair Trader website. As you can see, there is a really big market for authentic hair so that it can be used to make wigs. The site, and all the others out there that are like it, are kind of like eBay. You just need to take a picture of your locks before they are chopped off. In your advert, clearly describe how much you will be getting cut off and will be for sale. Then anyone interested can start bidding on your hair. Obviously, the better condition your hair is in, the more it will sell for. Plus, some rarer shades, such as red hair, often sell for higher prices. Generally speaking, you can expect to sell a fairly long bunch of hair for around $500.

Become A Food Delivery Driver

Now that everyone has a smartphone with a vast array of online apps, food companies have wised up to this and started creating food-delivery services that customers can access through apps. So, you can now order from your favorite restaurant and get it delivered to you at home. Ever wondered who the people were who brought you the food? Well, you could be one of them? These services, such as Uber Eats, are always on the lookout for drivers and cyclists who can pick up food from restaurants and take it to customers. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a way of making money that can be done from home, but it’s great for those of you who want to stay active while making your online money. And it’s also great for those of you who want to be self-employed and be your own boss. That’s because you will get to choose when you work. So, you will be able to set your work schedule around your personal life.

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Go On Online Jury Duty

For most people, being called up onto regular jury can be a big pain. That’s because you are obliged to take time off work for it and don’t get paid for being a juror. Thankfully, though, there is one new website that is trying to change all of that. The eJury website is now giving people the chance to volunteer to be on a jury and to make some money by doing so. There’s just one catch – it isn’t actually a real jury. This is all so lawyers can simulate trials without actually going to court. There are various reasons why lawyers might want to simulate trials, including for training purposes. Most lawyers want to see people from very diverse backgrounds on their online juries, so you should consider trying this out no matter what your background is!

Tutor Kids On Skype

If you studied at university, you should have plenty of knowledge on a subject to tutor it to kids, especially those at high school. Generally speaking, those who have some solid maths, English, and science knowledge are the most in demand, although anyone who did a degree in something that is also taught in high school should find that they get quickly hired as an online tutor. You will just need to have Skype so that you can speak to the children face to face. It’s a lot more personal than simply sending emails back and forth. Thanks to Skype, you should find plenty of children to tutor who are based all around the world!

Does one of the above curious ways to make money online tickle your fancy? I’d love to hear how it goes! I’m sure that you will be able to earn yourself a nice little income, no matter which option you go with!

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