The 4 Most Irritating Fees And How To Avoid Them

Sometimes you have to fork out money for things you’re really not willing to pay for. Unreasonable fees are a drain on your finances and offer little in return for a hefty price. To prevent you from paying out unnecessarily, here is a list of the most irritating fees and some tips to avoid them.


When you’re traveling for work or on holiday, you often need to find a location with Wifi so you can get work done or make plans. Yet some places charge a fee to access the internet. This was perhaps reasonable in years gone by when the internet was a new and exciting phenomenon, but nowadays, it’s just frustrating. Sometimes you have no choice but to spend a few dollars to get online. When traveling, always check to see whether the accommodation you’ve booked has free Wifi. If not, consider finding another one that does. Alternatively, there are free apps you can use to help you find public spaces with free wifi access.

Traffic tickets

If you’ve broken the law while driving, you should own up and pay your ticket, but there are times when you feel it is unjust. If you have received a ticket for an offense you didn’t commit, you can contest it. Sites such as Ticket Bust make it easy and hassle-free to fight a ticket online, so you can get it dismissed and never have to go to court. Of course, the best way to avoid tickets altogether is simply to drive safely and carefully at all times.


Having to pay just to leave your car somewhere is always irritating, and parking fees are often way over the top. Avoid paying for parking by taking cheaper forms of transport where possible. If your destination is nearby, you could walk or ride your bike. Otherwise, it may be more cost-effective to take public transport. If you have to drive, there are plenty of smartphone apps that show you free or cheap parking spaces in your area. Another option is to park in the car park of a retail outlet. Often, stores will offer a couple of hours of free parking to customers, so if you can combine your drive with a quick shopping trip, you can make two trips in one without paying for parking.

Checked baggage

Some airlines make you pay to check your baggage. This fee is particularly annoying when you’ve already spent a great deal of money on the plane ticket. You don’t have to pay extra to take baggage on a train or bus, so why should an airline make you do so? It’s really just a sneaky way to ramp up the price, but you can avoid paying the fees if you are smart with your packing. Most airlines allow a free carry-on bag, so you can save yourself a lot of money by packing light. If you wear your bulkiest items onto the plane, and use the pockets for storage, you’d be surprised by how much you can get away with.

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