Preparing For A Long Motorbike Road Trip

It’s always more difficult to think about going on a road trip when it’s not a car you are using. A car can hold everything from a tent and bedding to a picnic box full of snacks. You’re surrounded by comfort in a car, with temperature control, music to sing along to and space for three extra people to hang with on your road trip. It’s so important to prepare yourself for a road trip, but when you are going on a trip on a motorcycle instead of a car, it’s even more important.

A motorcycle obviously has less space for luggage, which makes it far more complicated. A ten-day trip would normally require a large suitcase for all of your things. You could always sell your bike with and use the cash to go toward a car, but then you wouldn’t be challenging yourself, would you? So, what do you need to do to mentally prepare yourself for a long road trip on a motorcycle?

It’s A Long, Long Road. Road trips are usually full of fun, laughter and music but a road trip on a motorcycle is something entirely different. You don’t get the chance to sing along to those Nineties songs that you love so much. The road is LONG and you only work that out after the first hour of not speaking to anyone and being by yourself. Take it slowly and cover a few long trips locally before you strike out on the open road – get used to the long journey before you actually do it.

Get A Windshield. If your bike isn’t equipped for a windshield, it’s time to make some modifications. Spring for a windshield so that you’re not spending hours with the wind whipping your face. And don’t forget the bugs. There are always bugs.

Weather The Storm. The longest ride of your life isn’t going to be easy but it’s also not going to be necessarily dry. Hot, cold, wet; whatever the weather, you need to be wearing the appropriate clothing for it. Waterproof equipment that is ventilated is going to go a long way, here, and if you can make sure you spend the right amount on the right equipment you won’t regret it.

Noise Levels. The road is loud. The cars, the wind, the very rumble of the engine. You need to prepare yourself for the noise and earplugs can be a welcome addition to this for you. You want to be as comfortable as you can when riding and screeching in your ears won’t be the way to enjoy it!
Rest. A road trip is the time you get to explore from destination to destination, but those roadside motels are going to be awesome for you to get that rest that you need along the way.

Don’t be foolish when it comes to road-tripping. It’s an adventure but it should be a comfortable and safe one. Make a point of caring for your own safety and you cannot go wrong.

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