Matching your room colour to your personality

The bedroom is the most intimate, personable room in a house. It is often decorated to best reflect your personal style. In fact, the choice of colour you use in your room can even reflect your personality. Julian Charles has done a breakdown of the perfect colour to best represent each personality, check out the following to see what colour represents your personality and how to style it:

1. The calm and reliable one

You are the kind of person who never panics, you stay calm throughout any situation and is always known for being level head in all occasions. Your friends look to you for advice and guidance because of your calm, reliable personality.

The colour to match your personality would be grey, it is a colour that represents stability. Grey is a versatile colour to style in your room, use lots of light and darks to help layer the room. If you fancy accessorising the room, try using silver or crushed velvet too.

2. The creative perfectionist

You are the person who is always feeling artistic and loves to dress to impress. You love making everything look amazing, and your friends and family love coming over to visit you and your incredible abode.

The colour yellow is the perfect colour to match your personality, it can be used as an accent colour or if you want it to be more subtle, choose mustard soft accessories, like cushions and rugs. The colour pairs well with patterns and other jewel tones. Your guests will be even more impressed by your choice of colour!

3. The one full of compassion and loyalty

You are the kind of person that puts everyone else first, making you completely selfless. You are the person that everyone comes to when they need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to because you are compassionate.

The perfect colour for your personality is green, it is a colour representing your collected mind and the way you make people feel closure. You can do a lot with the colour green, from accent walls to stunning green furnitures, or if you want a more subtle take, you can style your room with a lot of plants.

4. The kind hearted optimist

You are the kind of person who always sees the food in other people, but not necessarily yourself. You can sometimes be reserved and shy, but you show a warm and maternal side to anyone that comes along. You have the inviting presence that everyone loves, and it shows from your interior style.

The colour that best shows your personality is pink, it is a mellow colour that goes well with everything else. It compliments almost every colour you can think of, from dark navy or brighter tones like white. You can even layer different shades of pink for variety.

5. The adventurer

If you have the personality of an adventurer, you are always up for exploring new grounds. You are particularly curious and prefer to be travelling or meeting new people. You are a outgoing and love social gatherings or parties.

You should use the colour orange to match with your personality, the mediterranean twist energises the room. The colour mixes well with other patterns as well, so you can be playful with your interior style too.

Different personalities should dress their rooms up accordingly. Whether you have a quiet and reliable personality or a bubbly and adventurous personality, there will be a colour that suits you perfectly. While some people prefer decorating the room in one specific colour, you can make it more subtle by accessorising the room with items of that colour instead.

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