Is The US A+ For Safety? Advice For Avoiding Danger

America is the land of the free and home of the brave. For the most part, people see it as a haven for western, democratic ideals. The idea, then, that traveling the States is somehow dangerous seems absurd. The US is as safe as houses, right? There’s no denying that it’s a fantastic nation with great people and jaw-dropping sights. Still, like every nation in the world, there is an element of danger. Avoiding it is essential if you’re not from around these parts, and travelers usually aren’t. With that in mind, underneath is a selection of tips that should keep you safe.

Understand Traffic Rules

Cars are statistically the most dangerous form of transport in the world. And, in the US, pedestrians aren’t immune for the danger either. Check out for the stats and prepare to be surprised. In short, outsiders may be at risk on the roads and walking down them, which is scary. However, there is an explanation and it’s the lack of traffic knowledge. For example, jaywalking is a crime and you can’t cross a street unless at a verified crossing. Also, there is the “turn right on red” rule too. Understanding these laws (in each state) is critical to being secure.

Stay Clear Of Danger Zones

Considering America has the biggest economy, there is a significant disparity between the rich and poor. As a result, violence in inner cities is rife and people are not opposed to violence. Indeed, deadly force is a common occurrence. A neighborhood such as Compton is notorious thanks to popular culture, but these cities are everywhere from NYC to Chicago and Dallas. Oakland, in California, has an area that is nicknamed the “Kill Zone,” while Tenderloin is San Fran isn’t tender at all. Steer clear and stick to the safe places for your protection. Use as a research tool.

Keep Your Hands In View

No one sets out to get stopped by the police yet it happens anyway. In Europe, there is a sense of security because guns aren’t common. The US is different thanks to the 2nd amendment. Cops carry firearms, and as camera footage shows, they aren’t scared to defend their ground. This isn’t to say they will shoot indiscriminately, but it’s important to understand the difference in mentality. As a rule, it’s best to do as you’re instructed and to keep your hands in plain sight at all times. Otherwise, it may force them into a rash decision.

Don’t Be Silly

Usually, it’s the stupid stuff that gets people into trouble while traveling. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see when a decision is a bad one because of your attitude. Being away from home is an invitation to let loose and try new things. This can manifest itself in many ways, such as walking down a dark alley or arguing with a stranger. By all means, have fun and enjoy the experience, but maintain your common sense too. It may keep you safe.

Are you looking forward to visiting the States?

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