How To See Movies In Theaters For Free


My husband and I see movies for free at least once a month. We’ve seen movies before they’ve been released including: The Lucky One, The Hobbit, Kingsman, Imitation Game, Woman In Gold, etc. And you can do it too!

Here’s what I’ve done to snag free screening tickets to see movies in theaters for free.

1. Join fill out your entire profile and then watch your email. They invite me to a screening every month!

2. Walk the mall. Many malls have market researchers passing out or posting info for screenings. Look at the bulletin board and listen to those people who beg for your attention, they may be offering a free movie.

3. Visit your local library regularly. Our library occasionally hosts members only movie screenings. These are mostly for books to movies. But we were able to see The Lucky One before release date for free, near our home!

4. Join movie theater rewards clubs. AMC stubs sends me up to 2 invites per month. It costs $10 for a year and we get free upgrades on our drinks and popcorn.

5. Check out some of these websites for more free movie screenings. I don’t keep up with them because I’m too cheap to drive to the movies more than once a week, most of them for us are at the AMC Waterfront, which is a 40 minute drive. But you may have better luck.

6. If you don’t mind waiting to see a movie, you can use websites like Disney Movie Rewards & Listia to get free movie tickets with points. Not as good as free, but it’s a good use of points!

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