How to Prepare for a Staycation Road Trip

A staycation road trip is the perfect summer vacation idea! It’s easy to organize, and you get to visit some of the country’s spectacular nature and historical sites – not to mention all the money you save that can be reinvested in another favorite project. But make sure you plan ahead.

Inspect Vehicle

Your campervan or RV might seem like the most reliable old thing in the world, but don’t take any chances when you head off on a road trip. Even if it’s only a staycation, any issues with the vehicle will cost you time and money, not to mention taking the shine off your family getaway.

If you have some mechanical knowledge, you can carry out most of the checks yourself, check the tire pressure and the brakes, also check the oil and consider changing it before the trip – very important! If you don’t have experience, then contact aarrow transmission midlothian va.

Fill Tires and Tank

If your tires are under pressure, it will cost you money and affect your road trip. Tires that are underinflated cause more resistance on the road surface and burn more fuel as a result. Tire pressure is measured in PSI, and you will have an optimal PSI for your van – check the manual.

Another factor to attend to is the fuel tank. Even if you have your road trip carefully planned, there’s always a chance you will run out of fuel on the road, causing inconvenience and stress. On the other hand, filling the tank full gives you more confidence, and you only need to top up.

Clean Vehicle

Needless to say, you want a clean vehicle when you head off on a summer excursion; untidy spaces cause stress and tension; additionally, a clean vehicle makes it feel like a fresh start when you head off on the staycation. You will want to clean the inside and outside of the van.

Not only does the vehicle need to be clean inside and outside, but it also needs to be organized. The last thing you want is to feel like you can’t find things in the van when you need them. In your notebook, make a list of important items and put them into organized categories in the van.

Take Provisions

Speaking of lists, make sure you have one for the provisions you’re going to need on the road. This list will include essential things like food and utility items; it will also include safety equipment like first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Don’t forget your electronic devices either.

The list of provisions won’t be short, and you will think of things differently, so start early and keep adding things right up until your departure date. It helps to separate your provisions into categories to keep them organized and ensure you know where everything is on the road.

Breakdown Services

Now that you’ve done the groundwork for your road trip, you might think you’re ready to head off, but don’t forget your insurance against breakdowns. There are several breakdown services to choose from, the plans vary in complexity so contact them to discuss your options and prices.

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