How To Increase Cash Flow For Your Small Business

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about cash flow with your small business? Cash flow is critical for companies of any size, and managing it effectively can make all the difference in growing your company. Cash flow issues are the leading cause of small business failure in the US, and 82% of failed businesses cite cash flow as the main reason. Once you know what affects your cash flow, taking action to impact it positively is much easier. Here are some tips on increasing cash flow for your small business.

Study cash flow patterns

One of the first things you should do to improve cash flow is to study current cash flow patterns. How does your cash flow change throughout the year? Do you tend to get more cash flow in some months than others? Understanding these patterns can help you plan for the months when cash is likely tight. It’s also essential to study patterns of cash flow from individual customers. Cash flow patterns within your company can impact cash flow from customers, especially those who use payment terms. When customers have to pay you a certain amount of time, that cash flow comes directly from your business. Understanding what customers owe you at any given time can help you to plan your cash flow more accurately.

Check your payment terms.

Knowing how long customers have to pay their bills can help you plan for when cash flow will drain out of your company. This can also prevent you from getting customers who pay late if you are strict about the payment terms you are willing to accept. It’s also a good idea to check what your payment terms are for customers. If you don’t know the payment terms for most of your customers, it’s a good idea to ask. If you are expecting payment terms longer than you are willing to wait for payment, you might want to consider changing those terms. Doing so may help to increase the number of customers willing to pay sooner.

Look into account acquisition.

If you need to increase your cash flow and help you to free up money in your business, you can look into selling all or part of your accounts. This way, you can gain the funding you need and run your business as you always have done. Looking into security business capital or selling accounts in other industries can help you to improve your cash flow and boost your finances to allow you to do what you need to do to grow and scale your business.

Reduce spending

One of the easiest ways to improve cash flow is to reduce spending in general. There are many ways you can do this, but they all come down to the same thing: spend less than you make. You may be able to reduce your spending in a particular way, like lowering your utility bills or cutting back on office supplies. Or you may want to look for more general ways to reduce spending. Many businesses make the mistake of spending more than they should in the early stages of the company. Once cash flow becomes an issue, they cut back on those expenses. But most of the time, reducing spending from the get-go is better. That way, you aren’t forced to make drastic cuts in spending when things start to go south.


Cash flow is critical for all businesses, particularly for small companies. That’s because larger companies have more leeway when things go wrong. Large companies can push back against their suppliers and use their credit ratings to their advantage. Small businesses, on the other hand, don’t have those luxuries. That’s why small businesses must manage their cash flow as effectively as possible.

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