How To Get Work Done While Traveling

So, you love to travel, but you don’t want to go broke doing it. You love to take a stroll on beautiful sandy beaches across the world, but you don’t want it to cost you your job. Balancing work and travel is not that easy to achieve. You have deadlines to meet, meetings to show up for, presentations to make, name them. But it is possible to meet all your work responsibilities while maintaining a pretty active travel life. So, if you’re caught up between a rock (your job) and a hard place (traveling), the following tips can help you balance both.

  1. Make sure you have reliable internet connection on-the-go

If you want to keep up with work while traveling, the internet is your best friend. But you need to have a reliable one. While you may take advantage of free public Wi-Fi in your hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, and other venues, you don’t want to rely on those. First, there’s a small issue of online security risks with public Wi-Fis, and secondly, there are no guarantees they’ll always be available wherever you go.


A more reliable option is to look for coworking spaces in your travel destination before you set off. If that isn’t available, it’s advisable to take a portable Wi-Fi device with you. Armed with reliable internet, the next point becomes possible.

  1. Equip yourself with all the remote tools you need

From online meeting apps to cloud-sharing solutions, there are several tools you can use to keep in touch with your work while traveling. Of course, the tools you’ll need will depend on the nature of your work. For instance, if you’re a teacher, you can use solutions like, to help you connect with your students remotely and create meaningful online experiences.

  1. Backup and don’t get caught off guard

If you work with a laptop, be sure to always carry a spare drive that contains backups or copies of all your important work files, in addition to synchronizing all your files or data online. It will also help if you carry a spare laptop battery with you or even backup your laptop with a tablet.

  1. Choose realistic travel destinations

If you have a very demanding job, then the last thing you want to do is plan a long-term trip to a remote part of the world if that’ll affect your work. So, take the time to pick travel destinations that’ll allow you to work on the go. Alternatively, you can take short weekend or holiday trips to locations nearby instead. This way, you can relax knowing you have no pressing work-related issues to address, and should emergencies pop up, you can quickly (and painfully) head back.

  1. Maintain a healthy routine

You cannot ignore your health’s role in helping balance work and travel. Frequent travel can have a massive impact on your health, especially your immune system. And it isn’t easy to work when you don’t feel well. So, try to maintain a healthy routine, eat healthily, and get a lot of rest whenever you travel, as these will help maximize your productivity levels.

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