How To Ensure Your Personal Finances Are Safe & Secure

I’ve spoken about the importance of protecting yourself financially in this blog before. Today, on a similar train of thought, I want to discuss how you can keep your personal finances safe and secure. What this means is that you keep your money safe from anything or anyone that could possibly take it from you. It sounds a bit extreme, but in this day and age, there are many stories of people losing lots of money because they simply weren’t careful enough.

Bearing that in mind, here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

Keep Some Money Out Of The Bank

There are plenty of people who like to keep a stash of money in their home, rather than put it in the bank. While this seems like something someone does to avoid paying tax, it’s actually because it keeps your money safe. Sure, you don’t earn interest – but bank account interest rates are so weak there’s almost no point to them these days.

On the flip side, you get to keep your money right under your nose, which means you always know where it is and what’s happening to it. There’s no danger of someone hacking into your bank account and stealing all your money if you keep a fair portion of it at home in a secure safe. It seems like a whacky idea, but it definitely ensures your money is much safer.

Sign A Prenup When You Get Married

Most of you only know what a prenup is because you heard it in that Kanye West song Golddigger. It never really explains what one is in that song, but it’s basically a prenuptial agreement that you and your other half sign to keep both of your personal finances separate. This can help keep your money safe and secure for many reasons. For one, it protects you in case you get divorced and ensures your money remains your money. As it states on KMFamily, divorce can be a massive financial burden, so you want to avoid it costing you as much as possible – if it ever happens of course. But, by keeping your finances separate, it means you have control over your personal spending, which ensures your account doesn’t get depleted by spending binges from your partner!

It might seem like a strange thing to do as it assumes that a divorce is inevitable. However, many people sign prenups because they want to stay in control of their own personal finances. Some people even set up a joint bank account that both parties contribute to, alongside their separate accounts. A prenup is pretty much designed to keep your finances safe, just in case the worst happens!

If you’re trying to think of ways you can keep your personal finances safe and secure, then think about the two ideas mentioned. The first is a good idea for everyone to try – and you can keep as much money at home as you like, but you should 100% store it in a concealed safe! The second is a smart idea if you’re in a long-term relationship and are about to get married.

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