How Can Responsible Bookkeeping Help You Save Time and Money

It is good that you quit your job for starting a business of your own, and we are proud of you. But what now? Have you thought about the repercussions? Do you have any idea how tough it will be to establish the business? It involves a lot more than dreaming. From funding your idea to marketing to finding new employees is not as easy as it sounds. And most of all, managing the finances is in itself a tough road to tread upon. You never know what might strike you at the best times.

No, we are not scaring you. We are just preparing you for the worst. On the brighter side, though, small business accounting can come easily to you if you know the right tactics. There are a plethora of tips that can help you manage the finances efficiently. So, now, without any further ado, let us teach you some super sly tricks. They will not only help your business reach the zenith but also help you save ample time and money.


  • Use Accounting Software:

With the advancement in technology and enhancement in business strategies, it has become a whole lot easier to manage the accounts of the business. There are so many accounting software programs that are a blessing in disguise for all the entrepreneurs out there. As a business owner, you ought to be at least a tad familiar with the software. For instance, you must know how to reconcile bank accounts, create reports, and input checks. And the best part is that you can adopt at least four ways to maintain the accounts. What are all the ways, you say? Let’s check them out, shall we?

  • Do it Yourself:

If you plunge into the idea of managing the finances on your own before understanding the concept of accounting, you are bound to face losses. Therefore, we recommend you opt for bookkeeping services if you believe you are not well-versed in the whole process. But when you know what you are getting yourself into, we are not one to stop you. After taking a class or two on the software, you need to dedicate time every week for reconciling bank statements and to input information. Inputting the transactions is one of the most tedious tasks, and most people lag on this.

  • Hire a College Student Majoring in Accounting:

It is not an element of surprise that college students are much more affordable than others. You just have to make sure that you don’t give them the flexibility to control paying bills or sign checks. And you need to keep a check upon them to make sure your books are tight.

  • Train and Hire a Family Member:

You can hire your family member who is qualified enough to manage your finances. They should at least have a basic working knowledge of the software and procedures.

  • Engage your CPA in providing all Bookkeeping Services:

When you think your books have devolved into a mess, it is imperative that you engage your CPA in managing your finances. You might think that this is the most expensive option to consider, but it will all seem worthwhile when the reliable Accountants in London manage your finances and maintain your books like a pro. They will probably be the most skilled people out there who can complete the work quickly and efficiently.

  • Organize your Receipts:

If you are busy managing the finances, the task of organizing the receipts tends to become sidelined. It can be pretty tricky in times of distress, but organizing your receipts is as vital as other stuff in the business. This task can help you make bookkeeping cost-effective. Organizing them will involve arranging them by category for sole proprietors and by payment method.

  • Personal and Business Accounts should be Separate:

If you manage to keep both the private and business accounts separate, bookkeeping will become a whole lot easier. If you mix the two of them, you will have to face the utmost perplexity. And then you might have to sort the confusion out every quarter.

  • Avoid using Cash while Transacting:

It can become challenging to keep track of your finances when you use cash. So, instead of increasing the work for the bookkeeping, it is better if you use online methods for transactions. This tends to make it easy for the accountant.

  • Go Paperless:

You will be the greatest fool if you store tax documents in the form of papers. It can be pretty hassling for you to maintain them for many years. The best you can do is to purchase a small fireproof safe to store relevant personal documents along with a regular backup of your tax returns and bookkeeping software saved on a flash drive.

These tips are brought to you by some of the most skilled accountants in North London. And they are sure to provide you a clear insight on how to manage your finances and maintain the books.

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