High-Paying Careers That Don’t Need College

This post isn’t about looking down on college, degrees, or those who are aiming for a path to the future through education. However, we can all agree that college has been focused on as a route to success far too much when there are other options. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best careers that don’t require a college education, in case you are thinking about taking a different route.

Working in sales

Not every sales job is going to see you making bank. However, the median wage for them is quite high and as the sheer variety of products on the market continues to grow, the number of sales reps is expected to grow, as well. Developing great sales skills takes work, but it’s something you can do in your own time rather than going to college for it.

Working in the trades

The kind of work done in different trades can be highly different. However, we’re lumping them together simply because they have much the same benefits. Whether you want to become a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, or refrigeration expert, you don’t need a formal college education. What’s more, we are always going to have a need for these jobs, at least in our current lifetime, and all of them are in dire need of new blood, too.

Working in programming

Surely, you need a lot of education to develop the technical skills required for most IT jobs, right? Not at all. There are plenty of programming courses that you can find online. In fact, most professionals in the field would recommend that even if you did go to college, most of your learning is going to be self-directed, involving plenty of practice and research on your own time.

Working in safety inspection

There are a lot of different kinds of safety inspectors. There are home inspectors, the are workplace health and safety inspectors, there are fire inspectors, and so on. Usually, there’s no more than a high school diploma necessary for these jobs so long as you have the certification from the relevant licensing board. This technical education can be learned on your own time and the jobs benefit from those who have a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind.

Working in air traffic control

Last, we’re looking at an example that isn’t quite as common. There’s little growth in air traffic control, but it is a highly lucrative career that requires only an associate’s degree. It is, however, a very high-stakes job and one that can be very demanding, needing you to work nights and weekends. If you can take the pressure of helping people take off and land safely under your guidance, then it can be an extremely rewarding career.

Some education, formal, informal, or in different environments is going to be needed for most careers. However, that doesn’t mean that college has to be the route to go. Know the career you want to aim for and find the best path to take you there.

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