Fun Ways to Seek Inspiration for Your Next Holiday

Holidays can be a lot of fun, but there’s something that usually holds us back from going wild; ideas. Without ideas of where you want to travel or what you want to see, it can be difficult to pick the right destination. When we’re stumped for ideas, we usually look for inspiration, but the typical travel magazines can be boring and the destinations that we see at the travel agency can be really bland. In fact, if you travel often, it can almost feel dull looking at the same advertisements. There are only so many beaches and clubs you can visit until you want a completely new experience!

So to help you out, let’s take a look at some quirky ways to get inspiration for your next big holiday. Whether you plan to go it alone or head out together with a large group of friends and family, these ideas won’t disappoint you!

Browse a niche blog or YouTube video channel

There are plenty of blogs and YouTube channels that focus on basic travelling guides. Some of them talk about everything from the food to the museums and others have quick guides that give you a run through of the history of a country. Unfortunately, these can be really generalized and often incredibly boring to listen to. They don’t go in-depth enough and they leave out some juicy details that could really convince you to visit somewhere.

To fix this, head to YouTube channels (or blogs) that specialize in something specific. For instance, there are content creators dedicated to travelling for food. They’ll travel the world sampling different types of foods and they’ll report their findings. They usually avoid the upscale restaurants and instead, they’ll go for street stalls and local delicacies to get a taste of what the locals eat instead of watered-down tourist bait.

Alternatively, you could look for bloggers or content creators that specialize in hiking. For instance, these HD videos of Big Bradley Falls in Carolina is shot in amazing quality and showcases an advanced hiking travel. For many people, the video alone is beautiful enough to convince them to visit and see it with their own two eyes. In short, there are a lot of ideas out there on websites and YouTube channels, but you’re better off looking at niche sources as opposed to generalized tourist guides.

Follow your favourite band or event and use it as an excuse

It’s always nice to travel to a country for the sake of an event or a band. It gives you a reason to go there in the first place and it can become the highlight of an entire trip. This is often better than travelling to a country for the sake of it and having no plans at all. For instance, maybe there’s a convention in a country nearby that you really want to visit. You could book several days off just to experience the convention, and the extra days you’re there could be used to experience the sights and sounds and hang out with any new friends that you make.


No matter what your age is, travelling is a fun and exciting time. Sadly, as we travel more often, the wonders of experiencing something new can start to diminish–but that’s where these tips come in handy to help replenish that excitement.

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