Date Idea: Visit A Greenhouse And Start A Garden

I love greenhouses. My first job was when I was 12 years old. I worked at a family friend’s greenhouse for the summer. Running the register and weighing out seed for farmers. It was hot and humid work, but it did me good. I loved smelling like dirt and flowers. I’m sure there was sweat mixed in there somewhere too, but I couldn’t smell it. You’ll have to ask my family.

I’d work in the quiet. Sweeping, sorting, watering, whatever needed to be done. Then greet each customer. Each of them nicer than the last. It was so nice to work hard for a small business and contribute to someone else’s dream. The lady I worked for was in a period of transition. She had recently lost her husband and was herself older, but not willing to throw in the towel. So I was the buffer for the time being to help keep things going. It was learning experience I’m thankful for now, so many years later.

I still love going to greenhouses. When we make the trek to Bryan’s family, I like to stop at a road side greenhouse to pick up a flower for his mom or sister. Nothing fancy, just cheap and pretty. They always fit the bill. One time I got pretty little Hyacinth for $1!

We were in Ohio and went to Amish country, of course. My parents had found a greenhouse called Picket Farms that we’d never been to before, so we decided it was worth a stop too. We planned to spend no more than $15 on flowers and vegetables for our little garden.

I found succulents and tomatoes and herbs to start our little garden.

While Bryan pulled out little wagon of goodies. He even found a few plants to add to the bunch.

We visited on a cool summery day in May. The humidity wasn’t bad at all but the sun shone brightly and the bees were busy. The breeze through the greenhouse felt like heaven, heavy with the scent of flowers and pollen. Maybe not heaven for all, but for me, I was happy.

We ended up spending about $10 total and got 2 tomato plants, 1 jalapeno, 1 lemon grass, 1 basil, 1 succulent, and 1 peppermint. I’ve already enjoyed 2 tomatoes from my little plants. (Ignore my mom’s plants mixed in)

Not a lot, I know, but for us to enjoy something at dinner that the both of us bought and planted together, it’s like enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Are you a gardener? Any tips you’d be willing to share?


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