Courses To Help You Make Money In 2020

If you’re looking for ways to make money, then something you might need to do is to up your skill-set. Having certain courses or qualifications could really boost your earning potential, so here are a few you could look at for 2020.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in now, everyone uses computers and knowing a programming language such as SCALA which runs on the Java platform, could boost your salary by about 20 per cent, according to Payscale and Money magazine. SCALA is popular with just about everyone who builds software that handles large amounts of data, and you can learn it for free at


Everyone has a podcast these days, and it could be a real asset to your business if you have one too. Power-up Podcasting is an online podcasting course targeted to podcasting newbies, as it teaches how to set up, launch, and market a new podcast. It is ideal for entrepreneurs in looking for new content channels or hobbyists who love podcasts and have always wanted to start their own.

Data Science

Data science is pretty new, but all of a sudden, companies are drowning in data and need someone who can make sense of it all. As it’s a pretty new field, not many people have the right data science skills, which means that they are in demand and can earn a decent amount of money. If you have a background in any kind of science or math, then upping your skills to fill this role and redefining yourself as a data scientist could boost your earnings considerably. Check out the different courses in Data Science to see which one is right for you.

Digital Marketing

In the digital age, everyone needs to market what they do online. People need to be able to manage Google ads, search engines, social media, and everything that goes along with reaching web customers. If you can do this, then you can demand a higher salary and even a better job. You can learn a lot for free in Google’s bite-sized classes on digital marketing in the Google Digital Garage.

Going Freelance

If perhaps you need a new change completely and think you could do your job better working for yourself. Whether you are a writer, you work in IT, advertising or anything else, then maybe it’s time to go freelance. More and more people are doing it, you just need to know where to start. Seth Godin, who is an entrepreneur, author and TED talk giver on marketing ideas in the digital age has got a whole course on freelancing which helps you to work out what it is you’re selling, what kind of freelancing suits you and practical things like how to fire a client and up the demand.

Start Your Own Business In A Month

If you have your business idea and you know what you want to do, all you need is the know-how on how to get started. There are some great courses out there for you, but one is the best is: Start A Business You Love. Idea to Income in Thirty Days, which goes through basic start-up finances and offers ways to test your business, cut out unnecessary work, identify how much money you want to make and figure out a plan to get there.

Become a Blogger

Everyone’s a blogger these days, and while for many, it is a very lucrative career choice, it’s also really important if you own a business that you have a blog too. There are also tonnes of people who are blogging but not making a single penny from it, so if that is what you want to do, then it’s important to take a course to learn how to do it, so you’re not wasting your time. From choosing your niche, setting up a blog, becoming master of your personal brand and how to write engaging content, this course by Stefanie Cronin who is one of the senior ladies at Wonder Woman Tech, has created a course called the Blogging Masterclass which can help you to get started in the blogging world.

Investing your time and a bit of money could really help you to make money this year. It’s always good to keep learning new things anyway, but you may as well be learning something which can help increase your income.

If you’re looking for a new years resolution for 2020 or have a 2020 Bucket List, then perhaps this is something for you.

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