5 ways to enjoy a cheap retirement

We all want to live happy, full and healthy lives. And, while some people seem to think that life ends at 60, many people find their later years to be their best. No longer working or bringing up children, they’re free to explore the world and have some fun.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that aging is expensive. You’ll need to save money for healthcare or nursing homes – sidenote: always do thorough research to find the right nursing home, as there are increasing reports of abuse – see this lawyer dealing with nursing home abuse cases for more info.

Luckily, there are ways to enjoy retirement without spending a lot of money. Here’s how you can enjoy a cheap retirement.

RV traveling

Who says traveling needs to be expensive? You don’t need to stay in 5 star hotels to see the world. Investing in a recreational vehicle means that you take your home with you when you travel. You get the comfort of bringing plenty of possessions with you, while reducing spending drastically. Sure, the initial price of your RV might be a bit steep, but you’ll make it back in no time. Plus, secondhand and smaller RVs cost significantly less.

Start a group

When you retire, you suddenly have a plethora of time to socialize. Finding a time to meet your friends seemed impossible before, but now you have plenty of windows. You might find that there’s too much free time and you get a little bored. So, why not start a weekly group? There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your interests. Book groups are great because they encourage people to read and broaden their horizons, or a walking group will ensure that you get fresh air and exercise.

Rely on your kids

OK, so it sounds bad to say that we should rely on our kids when we get older. But, considering you’ve brought them up and spent a lot of money on them, there should become a time when the roles reverse slightly. Instead of them coming to yours for meals, why not go to theirs? Let them do Christmas and Thanksgiving. Sit back, relax and let them treat you a little. It’s only fair.

Arts and crafts

Being retired means having more time to embrace creativity. So, why not think about doing some arts and crafts? Instead of going to retail stores and buying treats for yourself, you can make things you truly love. A funky handmade vase or quilt will brighten up your home and feel truly rewarding.

Explore your local area

If traveling seems unrealistic, there are plenty of ways to find similar excitement during retirement. You finally have the time to explore your local area and find haunts you didn’t know existed. Exploring your neighborhood means supporting local businesses and celebrating local culture. What’s not to enjoy?



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