5 Things You Must Never Scrimp On!

Being cheap is the best, but there are some things in life that you must never scrimp on. Indeed, to do so would be a false economy, saving you a small amount now, and costing you dearly later. Keep reading to find out more.


A third of our lives are spent in bed, so it only makes sense to invest in the best frame and mattress you can afford. Be sure to pick one that is well suited to your personal needs such as a firmer mattress if you sleep on your front or one that encourages airflow if you get too hot at night.

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It’s not just a better quality of sleep you can expect either, but as our bodies heal and rid themselves of toxins as we sleep, a better bed can even mean improved health!

Wardrobe staples

Another thing you should never scrimp on are clothes that you know you will wear over and over again. We’re talking wardrobe staples here, things like good quality trousers for work, a decent coat, a blazer, and jeans for the weekends.

The problem with cheaper fashions is that they tend to wash and wear poorly, something that means if you want to keep them over the long term, they won’t look as good as they did in the beginning. Additionally, cheaper made clothes tend to have a bigger variation in fit, even if they state the same size inside. This is because clothing patterns are cut stacked on top of each other and in lower-cost manufacturing processes the blades they use blunt faster, something that results in more warping and shifting of the patterns.

Finally, when buying wardrobe staples remember that it can be very helpful to work out the cost per wear instead of work off of overall cost. For example, a blazer may cost you $100, but if you wear it to work every few days for a year, it will in practice only be costing you $0.45 a time. Then if you compare that to a coat that costs $100 but you will only wear it 10 times in a year the cost will be $10 per wear, demonstrating that the coat is a lot less value for money than the blazer even though the cost is the same.

Legal representation

Legal representation is another area in which opting for the cheapest choice can be your downfall in the long run! This is because having the proper representation from a Criminal Lawyer can make or break your case, even from the time you are first arrested. Indeed, it’s best not to say anything at all until you have your lawyer present.

With that in mind, be sure that cost does not dictate your choice, and instead, it’s vital to select legal representation based on quality, skill, and the reviews they have received from other clients.

Emergency budget

Scrimping in the money you put into your emergency budget each month is another bad idea! After all, your emergency budget is designed to act as a safety net in case of any unexpected costs that might occur.

Of course, it can be easy to get slack with saving for a rainy day each month, especially when there are other bills and things we want that we would much rather spend our money on. However, when you do find yourself in an emergency, as we all will at some time or another, you will be glad of that extra money.

To that end, be sure to set up an automatic transfer that comes out of your account just after you get paid each month. Psychologically, it can help to think of this as doing your future self a favor too!

Travel Insurance

Last, of all, the final thing that you don’t want to skimp on is travel insurance. This is because not all policies are created equal, and that means you can find yourself on foreign shores, injured or sick without access to the help and care that you need.

With that in mind, it’s vital that you invest in the most comprehensive policy you can afford. Be sure to check that it covers all eventualities including higher-risk activities like skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, and rock climbing.

It’s also important to check that your possessions will be replaced if they are lost or stolen while on your trip. Finally, choosing a policy that offers emergency support if you have your passport lost or stolen can help you avoid a great deal of hassle and further expense.

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