5 Career Changes You Can Make Post-Pandemic

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Every generation has a pivotal event of some kind that is instrumental in shaping the future of individuals. This generation has had many, but the global pandemic’s impact is likely to be felt for many years to come. Despite it being extremely disruptive and career-ending in some cases, new opportunities have presented themselves – if you’re looking to switch careers, there has never been a better time.

Digital Marketing

In recent years there has been an avalanche of job opportunities in the digital marketing sector. Businesses of all sizes have realized the pressing need for an effective digital marketing enterprise. That means producing quality content, social media marketing, and developing a contemporary image-based around transparency. All of this requires a workforce of people who are skilled and trained in the digital arts. Post-pandemic, the digital marketing industry will continue to grow and offer a livelihood to more and more talented individuals.

Online Teaching

Switching your career to teaching in the post-pandemic world doesn’t have to mean standing in front of teenagers’ classrooms. In fact, it’s more likely to mean connecting with an individual or group of people over the Internet who want to learn the skills and training you possess. Online learning is also a growing and expanding sector that can offer individuals from all walks of life the chance to teach people from home an inspiring new career. Consider what your more valuable skills and experience are and think about how you could turn it into an online curriculum.

Electrical Engineering

Many people have used the pandemic lockdown to learn some new skills; others have decided to update existing skills with training and courses. Maybe you are already an electrical engineer but want to take on more responsibility in the future and solidify your career instead of changing it. Some top electrical engineering programs can effectively update your skills and get you to where you want to be. Some of them are at physical locations, but many can be taken as online courses or distance learning.

Software Design

Maybe you’ve heard of coding but don’t quite know what it is. In short, it’s the skill of the future. At a time when industries that once seemed timeless are beginning to crack and crumble, new opportunities are arising. Coding is one of those. As the digital sector grows, coders are needed more and more for website development, mobile technology, and extensively in the entertainment industry. If you want a career fit for the future, then learn some coding skills.


The pandemic has forced many people to re-evaluate their jobs and careers, especially those who have been furlough or lost their jobs. Luckily, freelance opportunities online are on the rise. Whatever your skillset or interest is, it can be offered as a service online with a bit of promotion and marketing. Websites such as People Per Hour and Fiverr are professional platforms that allow you to access freelance work and build your reputation. There has never been a better time to pursue a personal passion and earn a living from it.

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