4 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Food Bill

Let’s face it; you need to eat. However, with food prices rising in both the grocery store and restaurants, it can feel like you’re constantly pushing your budget just to survive.

What if there were some easy ways to save money on your monthly food bill? These tips won’t only help you keep your wallet full, but they’ll also help you live a healthier lifestyle overall.

You don’t have to sacrifice eating well or your favorite foods when you follow these money-saving tips. Plus, you can even save some time if you follow our second tip.

Shop for In-Season Produce

When you purchase apples in the spring or summer, they don’t taste as good and are often much more expensive than when you buy them in the fall.

One way to save money on your monthly food bill is to shop for in-season produce. The produce that is currently being harvested is often much less expensive than out-of-season produce and contains more nutrients. They also tend to taste better because they are grown locally and don’t have to be transported from another country.

Search for lists of seasonal produce in your area so you can plan your meals around them.

Avoid Dining Out

We get it, your days are packed with running errands, going to work, and taking care of the family and house. It’s easy to simply call a restaurant for takeout or stop for a quick meal on your way home.

Eating out multiple times a week can really add up your expenses, though. Instead, try cooking at home more often.

If you really don’t have the time to cook meals for yourself, you can also try a meal prep service, which is healthier and cheaper than eating out. Plus, you’ll find awesome and nutritious meals like on the Lean Kitchen menu.

Look at Grocery Store Flyers

Before you go to the grocery store, take a look at their weekly flyer to see what food is on sale. This will help you plan which meals you’ll make this week and what items you should stock up on.

Be careful with these sales, though. People often find that they buy multiple items that they don’t really use or need simply because it’s a good deal. Avoid this to save even more money on your monthly food bill.

Create a Weekly Menu

When you create a weekly menu of the meals you’ll cook and eat, you can make a grocery list with only the items you truly need. Planning your menu from the sales in the store’s flyer also allows you to save even more this way!

Purchasing only the food items you need will help you avoid buying duplicate products or letting food go bad and having to throw it out. Remember to only buy what you need. Go through your pantries and fridge while making your menu and grocery list. When you use items you already have, then your grocery bill will be even less.

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