4 Ways to Create a High-Converting Clickable Website

Making your website clickable will make it easier for visitors to navigate and explore your site. But that’s not all. Clickable websites also drive conversions by making users curious, interactive, and increasing the likelihood they’ll take action. You can use them in almost any type of website – eCommerce stores, business sites, blogs, personal sites, or even corporate sites. Clickable websites are engaging, fun, and, most importantly, help you drive conversions. Here are four ways to create a high-converting clickable website:

Create a sense of urgency with a clickable banner

A banner is a visual element placed at the top or bottom of a web page that typically contains a promotional advertisement or a product image. Creating a clickable banner on your website can create a sense of urgency and drive people to act.

Imagine that you are browsing the web and come across a product that catches your eye, but you don’t have time to buy it right then because you need to get to work or pick up the kids from school. You probably bookmark the product for later, but what if you could click and buy the product instantly? Clickable banners enable users to click and purchase products with one click, no matter where they are on the site.

Build trust with social media buttons

Social media buttons can help build trust and authority on your site. By adding social media buttons, you let visitors know that you are an established site and have a strong presence in the online world.

You can also use the buttons to drive visitors to your social media accounts and build your following. This will help you get more traffic and leads to your site.

To make your buttons clickable, you will need to put them on a clickable image. You can do this by uploading the image to your site and then using the HTML code to add the clickable image to the website. Developing these strategies can be difficult, especially for those just starting out. It can be useful to use a company specializing in this work, such as WebX360.com, which can optimize your website to gain the most clicks.

Enable user-generated content with clickable overlays

More and more companies are using clickable overlays to encourage users to leave reviews, create content and share their stories about the product or service. A clickable overlay is a type of website overlay that is clickable and is typically placed on top of a page to invite users to comment, share content, become brand advocates, and more.

You could also use clickable overlays to create an interactive experience on your site. This could be a quiz, a personality quiz, a poll, a video, or an audio clip. Creating an interactive experience will keep people on the site longer, which means they are more likely to read your content, see your products and click through to buy.

Utilize scroll tracking to optimize your webpage based on user behavior

Scroll tracking is a visual way to track how far someone scrolls through your web content. This lets you see how far down your web page someone is reading. What they choose to read and what they ignore can give you a lot of insight into what your readers want and what they don’t want.

You can then use this information to optimize your page for better conversions. For example, you can add products or offers that are relevant to what the reader is reading. You can even add an “End of Article” or “End of Story” button towards the bottom of the page, so readers know where to stop.

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