3 Tips for Making Money Online with Zero Investment

We could all use some extra cash, well, most of us, but people always say that you need to speculate to accumulate, right? Wrong. There are many things you do online for absolutely zero dollars and get paid. The currency here is time, and with more people working from home or even out of work because of Covid-19 now is a great opportunity to invest more time into money making ideas over the internet.

Now, to be honest, you won’t become a millionaire overnight, if at all, but these projects can be used to make a little extra if you’re stuck for cash, want to supplement your income or you just have nothing to do. None of these pay particularly well, but the point here is that they will cost you absolutely nothing.

Some of the best ways to make money from nothing are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Posts
  • Surveys

Affiliate marketing has been around almost since the birth of the web and is a booming business that can make you some great money if you know what you are doing while paid posts are essentially money for nothing if you already run a blog. Surveys are different animals and while they pay very low rates, a lot of people find them fun to pass the time.

Create the Market

Online marketing is the lifeblood of the world wide web and many successful affiliate marketers have become millionaires or financially independent. However, becoming a successful marketer takes time, practice, and patience, but you can begin with nothing at no cost to yourself.

Many affiliate marketing sites such as Wealthy Affiliate offer free properties for the beginning and also provide all the training you will ever need. Purchasing a property will eventually become necessary, and that doesn’t mean some fixer-upper that you got with fix and flip loans, this means a domain name such as “yoursite.com” for example.

There are many companies that offer affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon but the industry itself is extremely competitive. The key is to find a category, called a “niche”, that you want to target. In order to maximize potential, this is best being something that there isn’t much competition for but there is a market, otherwise it will take a long time to make money.

If you already own a blog then incorporating affiliate links into your most popular posts can be a good source of income.

Money for Nothing

You might be aware that the web is basically a giant ad page and there are many types of advertising out there. We have already covered affiliate marketing and as well as actual ads such as those you see on social media, there are more subversive and subtle ways of advertising.

The use of paid posts has grown over the past few years and is an excellent way of making some extra money. An SEO or outreach company might contact you with an offer to place articles that they have written on your site in return for a small payment. Usually, all the work has been done so this is basically money for nothing.

If you run a blog then these can help boost your rankings as they are usually relevant to your niche and contain a lot of link juice from DoFollow outbound links, but they might contain one link that has been paid for. If you don’t own a blog, then start one for free and update it regularly and you will soon get noticed by one of these companies.

Pass the Time

These have been left for last because they are not going to make you any decent money. Survey sites can be found all over the web and while they are legitimate, they require a lot of time and patience but can work for supplemental cash.

Most surveys pay around $0.20 for each one completed but some, usually from larger companies can pay up to $6. The catch here though is that the better-paying surveys usually take a while but some can be interesting, such as watching movie clips for films that haven’t even been announced yet, under strict confidentiality of course.

Some of the best survey sites have no shortage of work to complete and while they can take time, most of them are fun and can best be thought of as a game you get paid for. It is strongly advised to actually complete the survey properly and not give random answers or just click right through. They have tools for detecting this and will suspend your account for doing so, since accurate information is required for these, otherwise what’s the point?

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