Getting The Celebrity Style In Your Office

As a working professional, we try to present our best self in the work environment. This may be your choice in wardrobe, wearing your best shirt, trousers or even a nice pair of smart shoes. There are more aspects to your office style than just your wardrobe, you can also style your office space. Rather than getting the celebrity style with your outfits, you can try recreating a celebrity look with your office chair as well. Read below to find out how. Working a full-time job means that you are in your office over a long period of time, you can read how to create your personal celebrity look from the style guide provided by Furniture at Work (

The Mesh Look

If you like challenging the boundaries of your personal style, the mesh trend will suit you. The trendy style first made an appearance in the fashion scene in the 90s, the style has been seen on and off the scene through the decades. The mesh look is a versatile look and can be paired with a variety of colours and fabric to get the authentic look. You can style your office with a mesh back chair, not only will it provide your office with a sleek style but also treating yourself to an ergonomic posture chair.

The Leather Look

The leather look is perfect for those looking for a strong and rebellious style, it is a highly popular style amongst our favourite celebrities like Victoria Beckham. You can go for the black leather office chair to assert your dominance in the office, or if you want to give your office a fierce style, you can even try choosing a red leather chair.

The Classic Black and White Striped Look

If you want a more laid back office style to match you chilled out personality then you should go for the classic look. You can’t go wrong with the professional and poised look with the deluxe padded folded chair. The sleek and minimal look is the perfect classic addition to your workstation.

The Bold Look Look

If you have a bold, dynamic style, you would love an office style that is bold, bright and captures everyone’s attention as they go past. Rather than a regular chair, try and get one that is colourful. It will reflect your bodacious personality in the office.

The Neutral Look

Some office workers might want to keep it neutral and not draw attention to themselves but still keep it stylish. As seen on your favourite celebrities you can opt for a neutral cream chair and give your office the sleek, elegant look.

It is important to feel comfortable in the space you spend so much of your day in, therefore you need to find the perfect office chair that matches your personal style and let it show off your work aura.

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