World’s Coolest Toy Store – Playthings Etc in Butler PA

I love browsing thru Roadside America for unique places to visit. Often times I have found neat things within 20 minutes or so of us, so I even downloaded the app.

On one particular Saturday, I found Playthings Etc. Billed as “the world’s coolest toy store,” and only 40 minutes away, I knew we needed to visit.

The outside of the building looks like a stealth bomber, you can’t miss it!

It’s literally right on the main road too. Not easy to miss!

There’s a control center in the back, making it fun for kids and adults alike to pull switches, push buttons and pretend to be star commander.

They have a very cool hands on policy as well. Just about everything has a sample for you to play with and decide to purchase. And employees walk around on stilts, segways and pogo sticks! It was a lot of fun and a quirky way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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