What types of cleaning franchises are available?

Amidst the world of service franchises, there is one particular sector that is becoming increasingly popular and profitable – cleaning franchises. Taking on a cleaning franchise is one of the greatest opportunities in today’s business world for various reasons. This article will not only detail what a cleaning franchise is and the different types of cleaning franchises uk, but also reveal the major benefits that come with it, all to spark some inspiration for your next franchise endeavour.

What is a cleaning franchise?

Cleaning franchises operate just as any other franchise would. Rather than starting a new business from scratch, you are able to own the rights to sell, display, or produce trademark products from another business, thus making you a franchise branch of that very company. In terms of cleaning franchises, this will involve you opening a franchise that provides cleaning services – whether that be domestic, business, etc. – that represents and delivers on the already established brand consistency.

Different types of cleaning franchises

If you are looking to take on your own cleaning franchise, it is worth knowing the different types of cleaning franchises for sale you could potentially invest in, since there is a vast amount. A few different types of cleaning franchise you might look to start are:


This is one of the most common forms of cleaning franchises and operates in domestic environments. This entails cleaning within people’s homes, which may involve deep-cleaning furniture, cleaning windows, polishing floors, and various other cleaning services. These franchises are great for everyday people who require great cleaning services for their houses.


Cleaning franchises don’t just operate in domestic homes but can also operate on a larger business scale. Commercial cleaning services are used for providing expert cleaning for the whole of a business environment. This could be an industrial facility, office building, supermarket, medical facility, school, or countless other commercial sites. These require more staff but produce larger commissions at one time.


Some cleaning franchises market themselves as being premium, top of the range services. These are often not as simple as domestic cleaning services, but provide the most rigorous, thorough, professional cleaning for all kinds of environments. This may include vintage furniture, jewellery, and expensive décor. These services are often popular among clients with highly valuable homes who are willing to pay extra for premium care.

Product targeted

You may want to have a cleaning franchise that, as opposed to general cleaning, focuses on one specific product or aspect of cleaning. This could be a cleaning service for ovens, cars, windows, shoes, or any other individual product that might require cleaning attention. These franchises often require staff who are experienced in this specific area of cleaning.

Management franchises

There is also the option of owning a cleaning management franchise. This involves you not being directly involved with providing cleaning services for clients, but providing business solutions and guidance to other companies who provide the cleaning services. Your management franchise expertise will help them improve their services, revenue, and brand image.

Why a cleaning franchise is a great opportunity

Cleaning franchises provide unlimited avenues of opportunity for both owners and customers alike. As the owner, however, you will undoubtedly have an incredible range of benefits that come with taking on a cleaning franchise, including, but not limited to:

A brilliant head-start

Starting your own business from scratch takes you right to the beginning of the starting line where you have a long run ahead. However, starting a franchise puts you at an immediate advantage. You are effectively starting a business that is already miles ahead in the race, and all the startup challenges and risks have already been handled by the franchise owner. This also means that you will receive all the training and guidance necessary by the umbrella company, and you are guaranteed to join the franchise ready and able to create new opportunities for growth and development.

A never-ending necessity

The need for cleaning services is something that is likely to never fade. The consistently high demand for cleaning is what makes it such a popular service to invest in. It doesn’t matter whether you are a commercial business, industrial company, or an everyday person, your need for cleaning services is inevitable. This means that, as the owner of a cleaning franchise, you are never going to be without business, and the high demand paired with your expert management is bound to send revenue skyward.

Team management

Cleaning franchise teams can be easily and effectively managed to achieve optimal profit. Whilst staff have to be relatively skilled in cleaning, hardworking and dedicated, labour is all you really need to create an expert team. Therefore, when it comes to choosing staff, you will have a huge range of potential employees to recruit from, all with the ability to contribute towards your growing franchise team. As a result, the bigger the team, the more clients and commissions that can be taken on.

You are the boss

When you own your own franchise, it brings you the flexibility and control to determine every aspect of how the company runs. Whilst you have your employees providing the daily cleaning services, you are able to choose your own hours and work schedule without compromising the constant cleaning service being carried out by your staff. As a cleaning franchise owner, having your own free time to spend with friends, family, or other hobbies, is guaranteed.

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