Unbelievable deals penny shopping at Dollar General

Digging through my memories, the only time I can remember spending under a nickel (5 cents) on something was on penny candy. Even then, it wasn’t really a penny. No, I paid 3 cents for one Tootsie Roll.

**November list —-> Here**

**December List —> Here**


Nowadays if I have a coupon combined with a good deal, I can often get things for free or even make money buying things. But I found a way to get unbelievably great deals without  coupons. AND I’m willing to share with you!

How to penny shop at Dollar General

This method will require some digging and treasure hunting. It will require you to do some research. But it is definitely possible to nab several items for a penny for all your hard work. I think I’ve found some pretty unbelievable deals penny shopping at Dollar General. Last night I spent about half an hour browsing and scored these items:

Yep, they were each just one cent. Check out my receipt:

These items were found at Dollar General. How? Well in simplest terms, DG often has items on clearance for a limited amount of time. At the end of the time said clearance is available, the system will knock it down to 1 penny each. By this time, the things are usually picked over if not gone completely. Inventory is supposed to come through during the week and remove those items from the floor.

But here’s the thing, they often DON’T.

DG policy is to sell the items to you that you have in your cart. So long as they were on the sales floor, they are available for sale. I’ll share the policy for you in a bit.

In order to find the penny items at Dollar General, you will need to do some hunting. This can be both fun and overwhelming. So go in with a game plan. Often there are lists available. I’ve compiled a few of my own, you’ll see them below.

You will be looking at the tags and near the UPC codes to see if your item is a confirmed penny or not. The yellow price tag on the product often has a symbol on it. So look for those symbols. And also check the UPC area. There is often a box with a code like SP14 in it. Which by the way, SP14 would be an item from Spring 2014. Not all “old” items will be a penny. So it’s good to follow others to see what the current deals are.

Some simple tips/rules to follow when penny shopping at Dollar General:

  • When you find an item that you believe is a penny or it’s confirmed elsewhere, grab all of them. DG policy is to sell you what is in your cart. So if you only grab one, they WILL clear the shelves of the rest.
  • Once an item pennies, it’s always a penny. UNLESS it resets. So keep an ear open to see if anything has reset before you go shopping.
  • Do not ask DG employees for penny items. Remember, these are items that should’ve long sold or should have been inventoried but were missed. They aren’t going to know where the items are, or want to help you find them because it makes their store look bad for not doing proper inventory.
  • Do NOT make a mess when penny shopping. Please, please, please clean up after yourself when you’re hunting penny items. Yes, I know DG are often times already a mess, but kindness goes a long way. Trust me.
  • Do NOT argue with cashiers. Do I really need to go there? No one should argue with cashiers, period. Unless something morally wrong happens. If they furrow their eyebrow, it’s none of your never mind. I’ve heard so many people get in a tizzy. Just don’t.
  • If an item you thought was a penny rings up at full price, kindly ask them to void it and then offer to return it to the shelf. OR return it later. You don’t have to buy it. You can even say you thought it was on sale still. Don’t mention you also thought it was penny.
  • Make a copy of DG corporate policy and bring it with you to refer to. But keep it polite and only use it if you are questioned. You can find it and other info here (which is a great blog for penny shopping too!).

I’ve made you a few lists to help you get your started. Please feel free to share them! 🙂


I first look for the right color and symbol and then check the UPC code or season to make sure it’s right.

Are you ready to go hunting? Good luck!

Looking for more? See an updated list of penny items —> here

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  • Amanda
    January 15, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    I found my VERY FIRST penny item at DG last night!!! I stumbled across a cute pair of jean leggings while grabbing soap (they were stuck in the side of the aisle) .. Decided to price check & viola, a new obsession has begun!!!

    I’m LOVING your site & lists!! I’m about to check out Amazon next & also find you on FB (if you have a page ???? )
    Thank you for helping me feed my newest shopping addiction!!!! You’re AHHHH-MAZING!!!!

  • Jenn
    October 5, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Comments are closed for this post. If you want to find current penny deals and tips, search Facebook groups for one to join. Thank you!

    • Amy Hudiburgh
      January 3, 2016 at 11:14 am

      Tuesday’s are the days they mark things down.

      • Amanda
        January 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm

        Uh oh! Already left a comment… Sorry! … But I HAD to tell you thanks for feeding my newest shopping addiction!!!