The National Aviary: It’s for the birds & a fun date in Pittsburgh!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e were able to visit the National Aviary in Pittsburgh thanks to work. It was the employee Christmas party. Can I just say I’ve always wanted to go to a big employee Christmas party? I’m in my 30s now and this was my first.

I wanted to experience the camaraderie. See my coworkers dressed festively in ugly Christmas sweaters. Have time to connect on a more personal level. And also watch for anyone being a little crazy. Which didn’t happen… Maybe tv ruined it for me. All of those Office episodes playing in the back of my mind. As if it’s anything like real life…

We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the atrium area. The lights were turned down low and twinkling just enough to make us forget about the thickly packed snow waiting us on our windshields. After dinner we were given pretty free reign to explore the aviary. It was already late into the evening, so many of the animals were nesting but others were active. This gave us a look into what you might not normally get.


A large group of us gathered around one particular exhibit. Taking a sip in between bets of which branch he would touch first. This sloth stole the show. I am certain if they set up a tshirt booth selling his likeness, every single one of us would have gone home with a momento.

Have you ever seen a sloth so close up? Much less MOVING? Not I, not I.

How could we visit an aviary without finding a cute little owl to gawk at?!

I was so delighted to meet this dude! I love owls. I mean, I actually have a collection of them taking roost in my kitchen. I just can’t resist their eyes. This guy, sadly, only has one, but he’s equally intriguing. He’d been rescued and rehabilitated. I love how interactive and friendly the staff are, especially with how close they brought him up to anyone interested.


Maybe I should volunteer there. I could be an owl handler. But then I’d also have to be an owl poop cleaner upper. Right? Pass.

My favorite exhibit space was definitely this room. Quite a few birds were nesting, but there was this guy walking around and almost posing. I could live here. Right here. Just give me a hammock and a little privacy tent. I’d sleep so soundly and have the gently chirping wake me each day.


I honestly could’ve spent all evening in there. There were so many things to see that could be easily missed. You are able to get really close to them too!

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh is open from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission is $14 for adults, $13 for seniors and $12 for children. If you are interested in a live show or feeding the Lorikeet, there is an add on for that. But honestly, there’s a lot to see for just the regular $14. You can sometimes catch a deal on admission. The Pittsburgh Entertainment Guide often has a $2 off coupon. Active duty military also get in for free.

If you’re planning a trip to Pittsburgh, I highly recommend the National Aviary. Especially if you can attend a show or feeding 🙂

Have you visited the aviary? What was your favorite bird or exhibit?

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