Save Money at The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is another one of the many wonderful museums in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It is a museum with a focus on science and education. Much like where I work (Carnegie Science Center). So I of course wanted to visit and compare.

There is no comparison. Honestly. They are two almost entirely different animals. Just look at it:

The regular admission cost is $19.95 for adults. Once again a bit too rich for my blood. You know, because I’m cheap. So I did some checking out, and discovered they are an ASTC museum. Combined with the fact that I work at a museum. So I got in for free! Check your current museum membership to see I if you already belong to a reciprocal museum. You could get in free too!

If not, there may be other options for you. Occasionally you can find special offers on Groupon to help visitors save money at the Franklin Institute. But heads up, these often don’t include extra exhibits like The Art Of The LEGO. However, general admission will cover plenty enough to keep you busy for a few hours!

To save on parking, we parked on the street and walked over. There were several 2 hour parking spaces for free and lots of metered parking. If you’re cheap like me, you can park for free, keep your wristband on when you move the car and then come right back in after finding another free space. There also might not be a charge for parking at the meter on the weekend. So check out your options! Otherwise, parking in the garage will run you about $20. We opted for metered parking right by the museum.

I also brought a water bottle with us into the building so we wouldn’t be tempted to buy a drink. And we were able to refill it at the fountain.

For souvenirs, we went with pressed pennies and postcards, our usual. Both of which cost under a dollar each. I like to keep our pennies collected together in a nice mason jar and I put our postcards up on the fridge.

Here are some photos of our visit to The Franklin Institute:

Statue of Benjamin Franklin in a beautiful atrium


I remember a similar pendulum from my Cosi visits as a child


One planetarium show is included with admission


Full size trains on display


A rail fan’s dream come true









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