Phipps Conservatory Winter Garden 2015

Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has an annual event that is breathtaking.




The Winter Garden.

The outside grounds are decorated in festive holiday lights and the inside is in full bloom with poinsettias. We’ve made it a yearly tradition to wander amongst the flowers.



It’s a very busy affair. Bustling with people at all hours. But it’s still easy to take in the beauty.




Tip: Visit in the evening, the closer to closing the better. The lights will look all the more brighter at night.




The cost for the Winter Garden is $15 per person. You can save money by watching Entertainment Guide for coupons or by joining as a member.




Have you ever been to a conservatory? What was your favorite display?

See more photos here.

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  • Jen
    January 21, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Oh wow! I wish I lived closer so I could experience it! I love it! (I want to create some of those lighted globes for in our backyard. Gotta start haunting the local thrift stores & flea markets to find them…and I should have hit the after-Christmas sales to get some solar string lights to put inside them).

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday! I hope you’ll be joining us regularly!