Our Cheapcation ~ Bryan and Jenn’s Road Trip

 My husband and I took a short vacation last week. Just 4 nights away, total. But still very much thought out and planned. Because vacations are so few and far between, it was important to me to figure out what all we could see and do in the time given.

Plus I’m cheap.

Really really cheap.

So you can understand I tried exceptionally hard to keep the vacation cheap as well. I scoured blogs, deal sites, TripAdvisor, Yelp, everything. Looking for coupons or insider tips.

I think i did pretty well and we had a great vacation as a result of all that planning. I’ll be sharing specifics of each place we visited in future posts but wanted to share the itinerary of our little trip with you in one place. As I add more vacation posts, I’ll link them back here. Just in case any of you are interested (read: devoted enough to come back).

Our run down for the week was…


Carnegie Science Center

Pirates Buc Night


The scenic drive

Philadelphia Museum of Art (Rocky statue)

Checked into our Priceline hotel


Franklin Institute (street parking)

Rodin Museum (the thinker)

Eastern State Penitentiary

Ice Cream with a friend

Pat’s & Geno’s cheesesteaks


Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash

Carlo’s Bakery


Game night with friends


Walking NYC

Visit with friends



Long drive

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