May 2016 Traffic And Income Report

May has been a busy month. Filled with moving to a new state and finding new jobs, among other things. Not much time was spent on the blog at all, but still somehow, some things kept going on their own. Weird!

**Every month I put together a traffic and income report for Because I’m Cheap. It helps me stay transparent for my readers (I’m just an average girl hustling) while also helping me keep on track and keep working. If you’d like to see other months, you can see the directory here.**



Sponsored Posts $363 (prior $0)

Adsense $183.49 (prior $60.60)

Freelancing $277


Canva For Work $12.95

TailWind $14.99


Top 5 Posts Of The Month

**None of which where published this month)

Monthly Stats

Page Views 38,213 (prior 31,248)

Alexa Rank 260,794 (prior 118,576)

Domain Authority 32 (prior 31.71)

Page Authority 43 (prior 40.11)

Inbound links 211

Social Media Stats

Bloglovin 372 (prior 373)

Facebook 2,351 (prior 2,336)

FlipBoard 192 (prior 156)

Instagram 6,409 (prior 6,493)

Pinterest 6,334 (prior 5,723)

Twitter 25,184 (prior 25,215)


Highlights of the month:

This month I did do a few behind the scenes kinda things. I went through various social media and started blocking MLM accounts and unfollowing irrelevant accounts. Oh yeah and blocking dozens of spam accounts from following me. Freaking smut out there guys… Still much to do, but there was a dip from weeding some of them out. The income this month looks great, but what sucks about online work is that you aren’t always paid quickly. Waiting on my Benjamins still, but they’ll come 🙂

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  • Debbie Williams
    June 10, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Wow I can only dream of stats like that.