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If you can’t tell yet from my Instagram & Twitter account, I’ve started reviewing products. Everything I’ve reviewed I’ve gotten for free! Some things I’ve even been paid for. I know, sounds great, right? Want to get in on it?

Why do companies give it away?

Before I tell you how to get free products to review, lets go over why they do it in the first place. It all boils down to one word, exposure. Bloggers are influencers. They impact readers buying decisions and share useful information. Brands are taking notice of this and are capitalizing on it.

What’s the catch to getting free products?

The catch is that you have to provide a review. Some companies require you to have Amazon Prime so that you can use a coupon code to get the item and then leave an Amazon verified review. If they don’t want an Amazon review, they will often want a review posted on your blog or a post on social media about the product.

How do I get started?

To get started, I’d suggest posting a few reviews of products you already own. Bonus points if they’re things you’ve purchased on Amazon and leave the review on Amazon. A lot of companies prefer that. If you do this first, it will create a sort of portfolio. You can provide your Amazon reviews and blog posts as a reference to companies when applying. Get a few of these under your belt and then you’re ready for the next step.

Where can I get free products to review?

Here is a list of companies that offer free products for you to review. Each of them have their own application process and requirements, but most work with your Facebook profile. I’ve used all of them with success.

  1. BzzAgent – Fill out your profile and take occasional surveys. They often send coupons for you to share with your friends as well.
  2. House Party – Apply to host a themed party for your family and guests. Get approved and they’ll send a box of party supplies in exchange for you having fun. I’ve received a Hasbro game night filled with full size board games, a Homicide Hunter party with handcuffs and aviators for a detective party and a Turbo Tax party with tax preparation tools. This is my favorite!
  3. Crowd Tap – This one takes a lot filling out short surveys and sharing to social networks first before you see anything. But when you get matched to an opportunity, they send really great products. I got a pack of 12 full size Folgers creamers & a tea party kit from Sweet N Low.
  4. Influenster – Fill out your profile and answer surveys and you’ll automatically be matched with VoxBoxes. Which are boxes filled with full sized products for you to test and review.
  5. Tomoson – Browse the almost endless list of available products and apply for each product that you’d like to review. You can place a bid, but only do this if your influence is over 10,000. Otherwise, do it for free at first. Companies will accept your offer then provide you with instructions on redeeming the offer. Some will give a coupon code for Amazon and some will ship the item directly to you.
  6. Swaggable – Add items to your “want list” and companies will contact you to review if your profile matches. Short review required afterwards.
  7. PinchMe – Log in on the scheduled date and choose sample sized items to pack in your box. All products are free and will require a short review after the package arrives.

The above companies are the companies I actually work with currently and have had some measure of success with. It’s fairly simple to get started.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to get free products to review, get started now. There’s no time like the present! And once you get the ball rolling on reviews, companies will start to contact you and even pay you for your reviews. I’ve been contacted by a few companies in my local area to review their products. This is my end goal. I’d love to support small business and get the word out about great companies in my local area.



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