Guest Post Opportunities For Frugal And Personal Finance Bloggers

Guest posting opportunities just for frugal and personal finance bloggers. Get your blog out there and network with bloggers in your niche!

I accept guest posts here on Because I’m Cheap. You can email me here or check my guidelines here.

Plus…. there are all of these guest post opportunities:

3 Boys And A Dog – Money saving tips and recipes.

5 Best Things – Anything

Adam Chudy – Personal finance and self sufficiency.

All The Frugal Ladies – Anything frugal or personal finance. or email with Guest Post Submission in subject line.

All Things Finance – Personal finance.

American Debt Project – Personal finance.

And Then We Saved – Debt free living, frugal living, minimalism, simple living, DIY/How To & low cost travel/entertainment. or email:

Balancing Beauty & Bedlam – Anything about the journey to a debt free life.

Bargain Briana – Coupon hauls while the sale is still active, recipes, coupon binder or organization system.

Beating Broke – Budgeting, frugality, saving money or paying off debt.

Becentsable – Money saving tips & budgeting.

Blessed Beyond A Doubt – Recipes, DIY & money saving tips.

Budget My Wallet – Finance, debt, money saving tips, investing and home improvement.

Budget Your Trip – Budgeting and frugal travel.

Business Insider – Personal finance.

Canadian Budget Binder – Budget success stories.

Cash Money Life – Personal finance

Cents And Order – Money saving tips, frugal living, minimalism, low cost/free activities, budgeting, money management, home organization, debt success stories, and time management.

Club Thrifty – Money saving tips.

Coupons 4 Utah – Money saving tips, DIY projects and frugal recipes.

Crafty Frugal Mom – Frugal living.

Crystal And Co – Frugal living, meal planning, recipes and money saving tips.

Day To Day Finance – Personal finance.

Doctor Of Credit – Personal finance.

Ease The Finances – Personal finance.

eFinancial Resource Center – Personal finance

Enwealthen – Personal finance.

Eve Of Reduction – Reduction lifestyle, upcycling and recycling.

Fake It Frugal – Frugal living.

Fill Your Money Box – Money saving tips, investing, and money saving ideas.

Finance Blog Zone – Personal finance.

Financerz – Personal finance.

Fiscally Sound – Personal finance.

Fluster Buster – Money saving tips, seasonal crafts, cheap recipes, DIY projects, family activities, home improvement & gardening.

Forgetful Momma – Money saving tips, recipes & meal planning.

Free Coupon Guide – Coupon strategy and money saving tips.

Free From Broke – Personal finance, debt, investing or managing money.

Free In Ten years – Money saving tips.

Free Money Wisdom – Personal finance.

Free Stuff – Money saving tips.

Frugal & Thriving – Anything about how to live well on less.

Frugal Entrepreneur – Money saving tips, resources and insights on running a small or home based business.

Frugal Ferret – Money management and money saving tips.

Frugal Follies – Frugal tips, recipes, simple living, coupon hauls, and shopping tips.

Frugal Living NW – Weekly menu plans. or email with MEAL PLAN in subject line

Frugal Mom – Frugal living, recipes, budget travel, how to use coupons, work at home, organization, and personal finance.

Frugal Rules – Budgeting, finance, investing & frugality.
Get Rich Slowly – Personal finance.

Growing Slower – Budgeting, saving money and debt management.

Help Ur Wallet – Money saving tips.

Her Zine – Couponing and frugal living.

How I Save Money – Money saving tips.

How To Save Money? – Money saving tips.

In Charge Debt Solutions (Military Money) – Personal finance.

Income Diaries – Making money posts.

Investment Yogi – Personal finance.

It’s Frugal Being Green – Budgeting, cleaning, cooking, couponing, crafting, green living, meal planning, organization, recycling, shopping or travel.

Joe Shopping – Frugal living, shopping tips, and personal finance.

Journey To Finance – Personal finance.

Jugo Money Matters – Personal finance.

Just Trying To Save Money – Money saving ideas, frugal living ideas, success stories, & DIY.

Kentucky At Heart – Budgeting, thrift shopping, frugal shopping, and vacations on a budget.

Lazy Man And Money – Personal Finance.

Lee And Levine – Personal finance.

Life From My Laptop – Frugal recipes, cash budgeting, WAHM tips, faith & parenting.

Life Love Money – Life hacks, personal finance and frugality.

Live The New Economy – Frugal living.

Living A Frugal Life – Frugal living.

Living Frugal Tips – Frugal living, saving money or minimalism.

Living On A Dime – Recipes, DIY projects, money saving tips, and organizing. or email with Guest Post Submission in subject line.

Living Rich With Coupons – DIY projects, upcycling, recipes and money saving tips.

Living Richly On A Budget – Personal finance, saving money, and earning money.

Make Happy Money – Personal finance, money management, saving money and making money.

Make Money Your Way – Making money.

Modest Money – Personal Finance.

Momma Loves Money – Frugal living.

Money Crashers – Personal Finance.

Money Mini Blog – Personal finance and frugality.

Money Pantry – Money saving tips and money making tips.

Money Rebounds – Personal finance.

Money Saving Mom – Any practical money saving tips, advice or ideas.

Money Savvy Momma – Budgeting and saving money tips.

Money Zebra – Personal finance.

More With Less Mom – Money saving tips, frugality.

Mothering Matters – Money management, coupon tip and frugal living.

Mothering With Creativity – Frugal living, DIY, time management, budget and recipes.

My Earning Diary – Money making ideas.

My Own Place – Anything frugal living.

My Personal Finance Journey – Personal finance, investing, frugality.

No Debt Plan – Personal finance.

Not Now Mom’s Busy – Recipes and money saving tips.

NY Times – Anything

One Cent At A Time – Personal finance.

One Cheap Utah Chick – Frugal living, DIY, money saving tips, recipes, meal planning, DIY and kids activities.

Our Small Hours – Frugal living.

Own The Dollar – Personal finance.

Painter Mommy – Frugal living.

Passion For Savings – Saving money tips, simplifying life, recipes, shopping trips, DIY and personal finance.

Patheos – Personal finance.

Penny Pincher Journal – Frugality.

Penny Saver – Personal finance.

Personal Finance Advice – Finance posts

Personal Finance Apprentice – Personal finance.

Personal Finance Basic – Personal finance tips.

Personal Finance Ninja – Personal finance.

Personal Finance Opinions – Personal finance

Personal Finance Opinions – Personal finance tips.

Prairie Eco Thrifter – Frugality & finance.

Pro Finance Blog – Personal finance.

Project Done – Personal finance and organization.

Raj & Co – Personal finance & frugal living.

Reach Financial Independence – Personal finance.

Rockstar Finance – Personal finance.

Saving Cents With Sense – Money saving tip, recipe, DIY and practical advice.

Saving Everyday – Disney related posts, budgeting, frugal living, frugal recipes and budget travel.

Savings Mania – Money saving tips.

Shopping Detox – Anything money saving or frugal.

Show For Savings – Budgeting, debt management, frugal living, time management, couponing and meal planning.

Six Figures Under – Personal finance.

Smart Money Chick – Saving money, managing debt and financial planning.

Smarter Spend – Personal finance.

Southern Krazed – Frugal living.

The Best Money Blog – Personal finance.

The Creative Mamma – DIY, organization, and frugal living.

The Dollar Stretcher – Money saving tips.

The Frugal Farmer – Any frugal, money saving or personal finance posts. or email

The Frugal Girls – Frugal & thrifty tips, inspirational money saving stories, DIY projects, craft tutorials, recipes, party ideas, wedding ideas etc. or email: with GUEST POST as subject line.

The Frugal Toad – Anything money saving. or email

The Go Mamas – Recipes, thrifting, upcycling and frugal living.

The Penny Hoarder – Personal finance and frugality.

The Quarter Roll – Personal finance and frugality.

The Savings Blog – Money saving tips.

The Thrifty Couple – Practical money saving tips, DIY projects, budget recipes, and frugal living.

Thrifty Livin– Frugal living.

Uniquely Unfolded – Frugal living, organization, saving money, time management, and DIY.

Ways To Build Wealth – Personal finance.

We Use Coupons – Frugal living, saving money, and using coupons.

We Use Coupons – Money saving tips and coupon strategy.

Wealth Artisan – Personal finance and frugality.

Well Kept Wallet – Personal finance.

Wise Bread – Savvy shopping tips, frugal living, financial advice, and money making idas.

Young Adult Money – Money saving tips, budget travel, frugal living, and making money.

Your Finance Formulas – Personal finance.

Your Money Relationship – Money saving tips.