Frugal Gifts for Women that Cost $50 or Less

Finding the perfect gift for a woman you love is not easy, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother. It is even more complicated when you are on a tight budget. Luckily, there are plenty of florists and gift shops that sell beautiful, affordable flowers. This way, you have no excuse for not gifting those you love. Apart from flowers, you can get plenty of other gifts for a woman while on a budget. This article shares some of the most affordable gifts that women love to receive.

Affordable Gifts For The Women You Love


Depending on your loved one’s taste, you can get lovely jewelry at an affordable price. If they have piercings, you may get them a pair or two of earrings. You could also find a simple yet lovely necklace to give them. The trick here is to find a piece of jewelry that speaks to your loved one’s preferences. For instance, you could get leopard print earrings for that nature-loving friend or emoji bracelets for the playful sister.

Succulents For The Plant Lover

If your loved one is a plant lover, you can never go wrong with succulents! Luckily, succulents can be very affordable. Depending on the size of the plant, you can get up to three succulents for under $50. Ensure you pick succulents that look healthy and beautiful.

Customizable Photo Book

Pictures are the best ways to store memories. Get your loved one a photo book that she can customize and watch her face gleam with joy. You can get a great photo book for less than $50.Ensure it has enough space for your loved ones to add their photos into.

Picnic Blanket

Who doesn’t like a nice, thick picnic blanket to use during the pleasant summers? A picnic blanket is one of the gifts you can get your loved one while on a tight budget. As much as possible, find one that is in your loved one’s best color. The design and size may differ depending on who you intend to gift. Remember to also check for durability.

Phone Accessories

Your favorite woman will greatly appreciate phone accessories, from pop sockets to bedside phone holders and even selfie sticks. Buying any of these will also save you from spending too much money. Go for an accessory that is functional and beautiful; remember to pick one that rhymes with their preferences.

Makeup and Skincare

Every woman wants to look glam. Help your favorite women achieve this by giving them a month’s subscription to their favorite makeup and skincare products. If you doubt what products they use and want to surprise them, perhaps you should get them a shopping voucher instead. This way, they can decide for themselves what products to buy. You can get excellent skin care products for less than $50.

Fitness Equipment

For very busy women, it may be hard to create gym time. If your loved one is a fitness enthusiast yet lacks the time (or resources) to visit a gym, then you should get them some home workout equipment such as ab-rollers, resistance bands, dumbbells and even a yoga mat. With 50 dollars, you can get either one or two things out of these things. Your loved one will love it!


Most women love chocolate. For years, chocolate has been everyone’s go-to gift. Why not make it yours? For $50 or less, you can get some of the tastiest chocolates in the market. Your woman will be happy, and you will save money while at it. You may consider buying different flavors to make it an even better gift. The best thing about chocolate is that you could give it to your lover or your family(and they will both appreciate it the same!)

Perfume Subscription

If your loved one loves scents and likes experimenting, you should consider a perfume subscription for them. This way, they will get to choose what scent pleases them most and which one does not. A perfume subscription could be as low as $50 but will go a long way in making your loved one smile and feel appreciated.

Flowers; Not Just Roses

When choosing flowers, there is always a temptation to buy roses every time. Unless your loved one loves roses explicitly, you may want to pick a less common flower (like Dahlias, for instance). However, it will pay to remember that different flowers convey different meanings, So be sure to consult your florist or gift shop before buying the gift. And do not kill yourself trying to buy an extremely extravagant gift; remember, it is the thought that counts more than the actual gift. Above all, only buy a gift that your loved one will enjoy. Not all women love the same thing, after all.

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