FAO Shwarz ~ Where It’s Okay To Be A Big Kid

I love venturing into random places. We’ve gone to many a toy store over the course of our relationship. Because, well, we’re big kids. We don’t necessarily buy anything. Because, well, I’m cheap! But being able to be childlike and have a little fun is always a nice draw.

So while in New York City a few weeks ago, we had to make a pit stop at FAO Shwarz.

If you haven’t been yet, you definitely should stop. It’s a great spot to get a drink, refill your water bottles and take a potty break in some air conditioning if you’ve been out walking all day in the city. Plus there are lots of things to do and see!

And who can resist a good photo opp? Not me, friends. Not me.

Do you remember Zoltar from the movie Big? He’s still here. Looks a little different than the movie, but he’s still fun. We paid the couple bucks to get a little fortune. I’ll stick it on the fridge with our postcard collection. Gotta love a cheap souvenir!

Inside FAO is also the most diverse and colorful candy store I’ve ever laid eyes on. We laughed out loud at some of the things for sale. Plus seeing grown men with 5 pound bags of gummy bears stowed safely under their arms was a bit amusing.

One thing we are really thinking of going back to do, is The Muppet Whatnot Workshop. You can create a Muppet! It’s an expensive souvenir, but for someone that grew up watching Kermit, Gonzo and all those Muppet capers, I was in awe. You can customize just about everything on your Muppet. This could easily keep me busy for an hour alone.

There’s a neat Midtown Comics section that my husband enjoyed. We didn’t have time to visit the real Midtown Comics, so this little slice of geek heaven was definitely welcome.

The Lego area is loaded with life size statues. Which make for great photos. You can even make your own mini fig for around $10. Which is another great souvenir that doesn’t require a firstborn child. That’s my favorite kind!

Bryan’s favorite plaything in all of FAO Shwarz was the Batman Lego statue.

What was your favorite toy growing up as a child? I loved Legos.

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