Cheap Valentine’s Day Decorations – Paper Doilie Garland

I made this garland for our windows overlooking downtown to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I kept the curtains open during the day so the winter sun could shine in. Which created emphasis and on the twirling bits of paper.

Such a nice mood setting 🙂


My pretty decorations cost me all of a dollar! First off I headed to the craft section of our local Dollar Tree and found a pack of mix and matched paper doilies. You can find packs of these at other stores as well.

Then I brought my heart shaped goodies home. (Of course)

Using some ribbon I had on hand, I cut 3.5 foot long strands and then one by one, I attached the hearts to the ribbon. I used two staples in each heart, but you could also use hot glue or scotch tape.

Then to hand, I loosely tied each ribbon of hearts to the pre existing curtain rod. I tied them loosely so that I could adjust them and space them out evenly.

Doesn’t it look cute!? You could make your own even cheaper if you stocked up on 50% off Valentine’s Day decorations last year 😉

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