A Gamer’s Paradise ~ Nintendo World in New York City

My husband and I are gamers. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer though. I don’t play into the wee hours of the night. But I do enjoy a good game every now and then. I usually find one or two per year worth playing through in entirety. It’ll occupy me for months until I beat it. Then I’ll go back to my non-gamer self and cross stitch or something.

I’m kidding. I don’t cross stitch 😉

My husband is more what I’d call a real gamer. His Gamerscore is equivalent to an executive’s yearly salary. He plays through every super hero and zombie game that comes out. He can put any high school pubescent boy to shame. So you can see why on our trip to New York City, we had to see Nintendo World.

If you aren’t familiar with Nintendo World, it’s basically a menagerie of all things Nintendo. Not only do they sell new DS and WiiU games, but they also have life size Nintendo characters and collectables on display. There are multiple systems set up throughout the store to test new games with friends and even a lounge area to charge your portable game systems and play with strangers over the wifi.

 There are tons of really cool Nintendo merchandise for sale. We spent awhile just looking at the tshirts and mugs. We decided we must make a trip back to get the perfect mug and tee combo. Maybe a Mario shirt and mushroom mug?

There’s also a display of all things Zelda, which really spoke to my heart. I grew up playing Zelda on an old school NES and gold cartridge. Should’ve kept that thing! But even if I did, it wouldn’t compare to the amount of cool Zelda things at Nintendo World. They have it all displayed beautifully in glass cases like a museum. You can easily get lost browsing the trinkets.

My favorite thing in the whole store? I’m not sure. It’s a toss up between Donkey Kong and Majora’s Mask.

Who am I kidding? Majora’s Mask it is!

If you are in the NYC area and area and are looking for something free and fun to add to your trip, check out Nintendo World. The kid in you will enjoy the nostalgia and if you have kids of your own, they will enjoy playing the games.

Bonus is that it doesn’t cost a thing unless you want a souvenir!

Do you play video games? What is your favorite game of all time?


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