3 Tips That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars When Buying a New Mattress

Some things in life are worth the investment. That romantic getaway with your own special someone. The Christmas present that will light up your kid’s face. And getting a great night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

In these cases, it definitely pays to be frugal rather than cheap. Because there is such value in that trip, that gift, and that sleep… you don’t mind paying a little extra.

Of course, great sleep is priceless. Why? Well, because it impacts our relationships, our health and our careers. Get enough sleep and you’ll be one of those bright-eyed ‘n’ bushy-tailed people, who firmly believe that the glass is half full. You’ll be more productive, more creative and generally happier with your lot in life.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation can cause you to feel irritable, lethargic and incapable of performing even the most basic tasks. Those rose-tinted glasses will keep slipping off as you give over to the darker, sleepier side.

So it really is worth your while to do everything you can to get a great night’s sleep. Starting with what you sleep on as noted on the sleep advisor. Believe it or not, a poor mattress – or even just one that’s unsuitable for your body type/sleeping style – could be the difference between sound sleep and an ongoing sleep disorder.

And while we shouldn’t all go out and immediately buy the most expensive mattress we can find, we should take a look at what holds us each night and consider an upgrade.

(I’m talking about mattresses, FYI. Sheesh.)

Buying a decent mattress is definitely a sound investment. And it may be a big one. But here are a few tips to help you save a chunk when it comes to browsing for your bed:

1) Skip the ticking

The ‘ticking’ on a mattress is basically its cover, and it’s often used to position a mattress at the higher end of the price scale. The range of ticking can be huge; from silk to cashmere to magnet-embedded ones. (Why we need magnets in our mattresses is beyond me!)

In my opinion, it’s what’s inside that counts. By choosing a mattress without the fancy ticking, you’ll basically be getting the same structure without the glossy overcoat. And anyway, since you’ll probably want to get a mattress topper or some kind of protector, you wouldn’t notice all those bells and whistles in the first place!

2) Do your research

Mattress shopping is no time for impulse buying. There’s so many choices, it can be a little overwhelming – and you don’t want to splash your hard-earned savings on something that’s not quite right just because you got sick of looking, or because the salesman gave you a particularly winning smile. The charmer.

So before you go hunting, do your research online first. Write down the brands, models and sizes you like and want to try out, so you’ll be less like a rabbit in the headlights and more like a sassy shopping machine when you walk into the store. This’ll cut down your in-person shopping time, plus it means you’ll already have a good idea of prices before you go in. Phew.

3) Ask yourself if you really need it

A good mattress should last you up to 10 years; sometimes even more. So if you’re considering moving to another country, or travelling the world or selling all your possessions in favour of a campervan anytime soon… well, maybe you don’t need that new mattress after all.

It is quite a chunk of cash, and probably not worth spending if you’re only planning on using your new mattress for a couple of years.

Still, that doesn’t mean your sleep should suffer in the meantime. By looking at mattress toppers or pads instead, you can buy yourself a few years of sleepy comfort for a lot, lot less. You will need a mattress at some stage but if you’re on a strict budget, or don’t plan on using your mattress for years and years to come, these babies could be a good alternative.

Hopefully these tips have given you some food for thought when it comes to mattress shopping. Just remember to do your research, take your time and browse properly before you buy. Eventually you’ll find a mattress that’s the right fit – for your body and your budget.

And you can enjoy sweeter dreams as a result!

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